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"The poor, especially poor people of color , remain rigidly segregated within educational systems. The backlash against critical race theory (CRT), explorations of LGBTQ+ identities and the banning of books by historians such as Howard Zinn and writers such as Toni Morrison, are extensions of this attempt to deny the oppressed their song."

The postmodernist cultural Marxists in charge of the teachers unions and the k-12 education establishment and connect to the Democrat political machine control this education system and their critical theory ideology calls for segregation and practices it within and without the education system.

These people also align with the globalist corporatist oligarchs that want to insure everyone else joins the black minority on the plantation of dependency while they, along with their partners in the elite ruling class, can continue to consolidate and grow THEIR wealth and power.

The main problem with this article is that it fails to connect the dots to perpetrator of the crimes it trumpets. That is why I just did. You are welcome.

Take away economic opportunity for the masses except for the elites, including destroying the public education system that the masses would otherwise rely on to advance, and then buy the media to point the finger of blame at others... others that are actually similarly victimized by the elites as are the minorities.

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Chris, I have to disagree with you about critical race theory. Along with the World Socialist Web Site, I contend that CRT is an offshoot of the NYT's 1619 Project, and the 1619 Project is a massive falsification of history. I agree with the rest of your article, regarding the fact that it was a crime to teach a slave to read in the South. And segregating schools was a continuation of that idea by making it extremely difficult for people of color to get an educaation. But identity politics of any kind are anathema to Marxists, whether it be CRT, MeToo, or LGBTQ+ (and their time-wasting obsession with "correct pronouns"). These separatist movements divide the working class, much to the delight of the ruling class.

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100%. I work in a juvenile jail in Maine and run the college program there. Most of my students didn’t think that they would graduate from high school let alone contemplate college. It’s sad to watch them leave and go back to exactly what brought them into the system in the first place.

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Once the aristocracy identified universities specifically and education in general as a threat that must be controlled, it was all over.

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During the last 50 years the upward redistribution of wealth in the US has been 50 trillion dollars. https://time.com/5888024/50-trillion-income-inequality-america/

It is no accident that so many are being crushed by economic and intellectual poverty.

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Thank you. Another brilliant article. Couldn't agree more. I read your recent book (Our Class) on your prison work and found it enlightening and inspiring. Very grateful for all you do.

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A very powerful essay!

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How can one support your “prison work”?

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CRT is racist

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I have tried to get people to listen and read some of the works that Chris and others make available to us. But people get about a paragraph into it and they throw up their hands and go this is too heady and they stop.

I really think that some of these words should be abridged so as to make them more easily understandable by the very people you're discussing who may not have the privilege of education.

This would include a culmination of all of your work and the work of all the great authors in this country and world. But really narrowed down to basic facts.

It would start out with; Here is a list of the giant businesses who run our country. They throw their people in Washington called lobbyists and their big money to get the politicians to do their work because without the money that they give to the politicians, the politicians are not getting reelected and of course politicians want to keep their jobs, it's only normal. So that's why and how these giant businesses run the country.

Then, here's a list of the names of rich and powerful people who do not want regular people educated because it helps them. 

By having most of the people going through our school system have as little education as possible, that helps them. That is why they ban books and educational materials that have anything to do with what's really going on in this world today. That's also why they have their kids go to privy little private schools that regular people do not have access to.

 One of the most important things these rich and powerful people and the giant companies believe in is, a very strong prison system and a very weak school system. They want as many people to be the underdogs of the world because it keeps them in power. 

The same way the giant businesses have lobbyists they have lobbyists as well and they have good buddies that keep the system as it is.

So the less regular people know about how big money and big power run this country the more successful they will stay and they are very successful.

I know that many of you know these things in your hearts but I think it's important that we put names to those who have their thumbs on us.

Even though many of our founding fathers were slave owners they said something very important "We the people". They didn't know America's was going to end up the way it is now, but we are the people our vote matters, our opinion matters and we should never let the giant companies or the very rich and powerful tell us how to be. 

By having a better education system and a better understanding of how things are, we and the country would be a much better place for everybody, including the very rich and the big companies. There's nothing wrong with them that's just how they protect themselves they are just wrong, thinking that they need to control everything at any price no matter who gets squashed.

This is just my opinion and the big question would be, how to get this information to a broader audience so that more people would understand what's really going on. 

I understand so much more than I did 5 years ago when I first started listening to Chris and his voice opened up a plethora of voices that help me understand the truth better than NPR ever did in the 30 years I've been listening to them. Seek out Democracy Now they are not afraid of having true voices heard.

Thank you Chris Hedges.


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Thank you very much. It is never explained WHY such pathological hate of democratic capitalist Russia and total support of Nazi-dominated Ukraine government !!

Roots for this propaganda predate the Russia-gate FBI-DNC hoax and FBI 2020 election theft.

Stand with Russia – it fights for all of us against bipartisan fascist US/UK warmongering clique.

Jacob Dreizin – Oct. 13 – Racism and anti-Semitism in Ukraine



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Jacob Dreizin – Oct. 13 – Racism in Ukraine


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I don't know how to get the app. No smart phone. Can I get it on my computer?


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Having re read this report, I am even more shocked by the forces of denial. Education should be the next thing to free.........for all students who show ability. Prosperous societies need well educated workers....and there are lots of studies that show rising inequality leads to everything but social prosperity. Fear grows with rising inequality, life expectancy falls, violence accelerates, loneliness increases. An interesting study THE SPIRIT LEVEL...documents the differences in quality of life, contrasting societies like the Scandinavian countries with more 'competitive, free market' social models............it also contrasts blue and red states in the US of A.....and the data is consistent.

Social inequality leads to bad outcomes for everyone. That a right wing, mean spirited little band of billionaires and their cheerleaders, continues to create the ignorance and poverty that Chris documents here.......is a crime.

Know it all-ism is mentioned in this report. Knowitallism is a sign of a bad education system....where bullies who haven't read much, dictate to all our children what they will NOT be able to read or view or study.

That is a crime. That its committed by folks who want to erase the history of American racism, classism and sexism seems apparent. More of us who have managed to gain access to a good education need to step up, speak up and become politically active.

Ignorance won't save us. And tolerating bigotry isn't tolerance....its cowardice.

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Thank you, Chris.

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