Eran Efrati an ex solider in the Israeli army said he thought he was a good guy but HE says HE was the terrorist. He was brainwashed and told lies from his earliest memories. His job was to instill fear in the hearts of Palestinians.

These soldiers eventually realise the sins they have committed against humanity. How do they live with that?

"If you do not respect existence, you can expect resistance."

He has chosen to raise his kids in a secula democracy of inclusion.

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FUCK THE ZIONISTS; and i say that from the bottom of my heart.

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The Zionists have a massive advantage that the Palestinians will never equal or even approach. That is he entirety of the western media. They lie and abuse Palestinian resistants and glorify the acts of the Zionists.

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Funny to hear the Zionist butchers call Hamas "Nazis" because I've always seen them as crypto Nazis for years. Yes, the Jews have taken on the very attributes of their former oppressors! Well, that's how the terrorist cookie crumbles, isn't it? In the end, they just sound like nasty little schoolboys calling each other pejorative names on the playground. Sad. All my life, as far back as I can remember, it's been the Jews and the Arabs killing each other! When a two state solution is the only logical answer to their mutual problems; they fight it like the devil. I am sorry to say I strongly doubt they will ever find one scintilla of empathy enough to see each other as needy, sensitive people. Finally, I still do pray for them, as tragic as all of it is. Tragedy. Sorrow. Futility.

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Hamas is no Different than the many many many liberation movements that have successfully defeated the colonial imperial powers. It is always bloody as the occupier never concedes. One only has to read (or listen) to Fanon


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If you support respect for Judaic theology then you support institutionalized bigotry (and misogyny and homophobia). I don't personally support any ideology that expresses ethnic supremacy as a core value. Eradicate the killingest ideology on planet Earth, Abrahamic thought.

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Remember. Nobody is born Jewish, Christian, or Islamic. They learn to be bigots in the home.

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AC, Artificial Conscious, is more deadly to humanity than AI.

It seems SAS [sure as shit], IMHO, that this current cluster eff, of being willing to do anything up to, and beyond any concerns regarding the extension of human life 'in toto' for the purposes of gaining "The Quiet American" Global Empire of power and wealth — was never evidenced by Norbert Wiener in his 1964 "GOD & GOLEM, Inc.”

YES, YES, Guido!

You have excellently focused on many of the deceits, crimes, lies, and propaganda that accompanies the arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe"!

My highest rated double-sided protest and demonstration signs -- which I employ in ad-hoc, focus-group testing, and near 100% favorable approval in Portland Maine and Portsmouth NH. multiple times per week, simply say:










I also have printed and employ many other truths and pointed signs about "The Quiet American" [Apologies to Graham Greene] along with indicting the duopoly Global EMPIRE that has distorted and ruined the collapsing hulk of America.














And as Neil Postman wrote as early as 1985, "Amusing Ourselves to Death".

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One of the side effects of the current debacle is renewed interest in companies that arm belligerents. Not only are they profiting from genocide, they are contributing to capitalism's destruction of our only planet by enabling creation of huge amounts of greenhouse gases. We now see some peaceful resistance to these companies.

see https://worldbeyondwar.org/canadastoparmingisrael/

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David vs Goliath

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I offer in rebuttal Lord Beaverbrook, FDR, and King George and this lecture on the roots of antiSemitism from 1976 and the Jewish Public Library of Montreal where padlocks were put on the doors when I born and books burned because Christendom hates truth. The holocaust began on May 27 1939 when even Gaza and Palestine offered no refuge to Jewry on the Ship of the damned in Havana Harbour.

For My Brother Jesus

An hour of unrelenting painful truth.


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"How shall I fuck off Master?" The LIfe of Bryan

Self righteous piece of shit

From The Doubter's Companion A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense 1994 Viking Press

GOD Either God is alive , in which case he'll deal with us as he sees fit. Or he is dead , in which case he was never alive, it being likely he never died of old age.

If God has always been a figment of our imagination, then , given organized society's distrust of the imagination, he must have been created for a reason. At best this figment was probably intended to provide us with a shared ethical relationship. At worst it was just an excuse for a small group of clerics to wield power in the name of an invisible who could not interfere.

There are two more paragraphs but I am having a heart attack rolling on floor and laughing with tears in my eyes.

Thank you shithead I needed a laugh.

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You don't have to be an Abrahamist. It's just a bunch of stupid, made up shit for the sake of doing ethnic supremacy. See Gaza. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all systems of bigotry and anyone identifying with Abrahamism is fundamentally supporting the genocide and massive acts of ethno-supreme bigotry. Oppose bigots and help eradicate Abrahamism as a set of valid ideas. Abrahamists are the OG Nazis, and are far more evil historically. The greatest evil on the planet is the Abrahamic ideology.

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