Here is an attenuated history of Zionism's ideals and moral values. The first thing we must do, they said , is secretly gain control of the western media .. Then each time we kill non Zionists civilians we will tell the media to report that it is unlikely that we did it and more likely that some branch of Arab resistance did to attempt to blacken our good name.. We must be very careful not to kill or injure Zionists or erven non Zionist Jews but rh e rest are animals without rights.. But we must vehemently deny that this is our philosophy and refer to any reference to it a s anti semitic slanderer. The media will give credibility to our claim. "The Israeli military and government lie like they breathe". says Chris Hedges and that is a as good a"summary as any.

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In a recent article in the Atlantic magazine, former defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared, “Hamas Must Go!” The former First Lady and Qaddafi’s killer hasn’t stopped her bloodthirsty proclivities. Thank God she lost!

In any case, if Israel with all her might from the air, sea and ground had still not squished a fly with a bazooka after month-long bombardment, isn’t it time to pack up and leave and spare themselves the shame of being known as baby killers? The pictures of old WWI rifles and the few cartridges the IDF claimed to have found under the Al Shifa hospital were pitiful propaganda. Did a whole military have to level an entire city to uncover such useless relics? Come on, show us better evidence of command and control under hospitals! The cruelty is breathtaking! And this is the 21st century! A century of barbarism all over!

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And Biden accepted as always, the IDF propaganda to justify their murdering of babies. We do have great leaders! We need to rock our political system if we want some progress and stop to be the greatest terrorists of the world.

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And we need BDS, BDS, BDS. I realized how effective and scaring is this tool for the fascists when I learned about the amount of our state legislatures have banned it.

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This old sectarian and decidedly unreligious man is for the first time praying.

I pray that Israeli soldiers refuse orders to assault civilians.

I pray that the U.S. government refuses to send Israel more weapons.

I pray that Palestinian children can grow up in their homeland in safety.

I pray that Palestinians can forgive me for not helping them.

I pray that our (the U.S.A's) wretched foreign policy turns away from aggression and domination.

I pray that we defund the parts of the State and Defense departments that support these above mentioned bad behaviors.

I pray that we, the citizens of the U.S. take ownership of our armaments industries and produce only weapons to guard us from attack.

I pray that we dismantle our nuclear weapons.

I pray that we really address climate change.

I pray that we employ regenerative agriculture and water conservation to save our species.

I pray that others will join in achieving these goals ...

(Thank you, Chris Hedges for your conviction which you express with such clarity.)

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Palestine should move to the USA as there are no borders and they will be welcomed with opened arms just like the Mexicans. Give us your poor, wayward souls because America is here for YOU.

Israel is a mirror image of the NAZI agenda. Look at what they say and what they do. They are the worst of humanity, the darkness that knows no light of truth nor cares to learn of it.

The Governments and NOT the people are behind this insanity. Keep the War agenda going. Well I am asking all Americans to not allow your children to enlist in the Military for any reason under this administration. You hear and see the lies of Biden and his minions. It will be up to the people of the world to work hand in hand so that all can live in peace and harmony. The Governments of the US and Israel are backed by malevolent beings whose history is as insane as the governments. All of this will be exposed and I trust in the light of love and truth to expose all who kill to the World. Just because these Governments have massive amounts of weapons gives them no right to be irresponsible and reckless. The world is changing and moving toward a more peaceful existence, and Israel and the USs actions will add fuel to the fire of change for the better, Never give up hope, and always pray for these demonic states to see the light, or else be consumed by their own fire. And keep a close watch on the so-called leaders because it will soon be proven that clones of human beings are being used by the malevolent ones because they are losing their grip on control over the planet Namaste Edward William Case

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This war hits close to home for me (hence the long post, forgive me), and yet, the Israeli ruthlessness and brutality is still far beyond what my country was, and still is experiencing.

My mother told me it was raining Napalm bombs during the 1974 invasion and subsequent occupation of 40% of the island of Cyprus by the Turks (the occupation is ongoing; hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots were forced to leave their homes, and they are still refugees in their own country; Turkey imported settlers who walked in and seized the homes and properties people were forced to leave behind).

I am a post-war baby; I had blocked early memories of rallies against the occupation, children in my school whose dads were missing--presumed dead-- UN-sponsored school lunches, even the dread of growing up in a divided city, where we could not access its northern part for fear of death by soldiers with guns.

I am ashamed of my country's leadership, and that of the European Union and the U.S. right now. My country, whose economic interests include extruding gas from the Mediterranean in partnership with Israel, is supporting Israel and providing berth to stranded yachts, as well as 20 flights a day from Israel.

I cannot tell you how devastated so many of us Cypriot citizens feel right now for the Palestinian people. I am thankful for Chris Hedges and his reporting. Perhaps the West will become more aware now of the atrocities committed around the world where the West is either indifferent or complicit.

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I'm transcribing a part of the Q&A questions of the lecture given by NORMAN FINKELSTEIN

"A Brief History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict "Brooklyn, NY 17 October 2023, that I downloaded from Alternativeradio.org

This lecture clarifies to me why the many peaceful attempts made by the Palestinians to obtain their independence including their acceptance of Israel have always failed.

Q: What’s your advice for young Americans who want to revive an anti-imperialist movement?

A: I do feel just briefly that your generation, the young people in the audience, is facing three unprecedented challenges, or two of the three are unprecedented. The third one you're facing in the most severe form. Number one, my generation obviously, had no awareness of the problem of

climate change. So that's new to your generation. Number two, my generation experienced relative

economic prosperity for all except maybe 20% of Americans who came to be called the Other America. Your generation, it's just the reverse. 80% of your generation has no future. Your generation has a precarious present. And a futureless future. There is about 20%, in my generation, who didn't experience the prosperity, there's about 20% in your generation, that is experiencing the prosperity. So that too, is unprecedented. Number three, there's the danger of nuclear conflagration, the annihilation of the planet, not because of climate change, but because of nuclear weapons. And right now, as we speak, there is a very high possibility, I won't call it a high probability. I’d say a high possibility, that both

in the Ukraine and the current conflict in the Middle East, will climax in the termination of the human race. So, I believe that your generation has very significant challenges that it has to confront if it wants to have any future. That having been said, on the specific question of what's going on now, I believe the two demands have to be very simple and winnable. The two demands have to be an immediate ceasefire, number one, and an end to the blockade of Gaza, number two. Those have to be the

immediate demands in order to prevent what at this point seems to be a genocidal plan by the State of Israel.

Q: How can we understand Hamas?

A: ...I don't want to pass judgment on Hamas as a government, which is separate from its ideology and its political inclinations. As a government, it was never given a chance. The day after it was elected, a brutal blockade was imposed on Gaza.

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Eloquent and stirring. Israel was a well-intentioned mistake.

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"Speakers at Tuesday’s “March for Israel” on the National Mall included Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Christian fundamentalist House Speaker Mike Johnson and radical Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee, who once said God “sent Hitler to help Jews reach the Promised Land.” Sarah Posner, a reporter focused on the American Christian right, discusses Hagee and Johnson’s backgrounds and explains how Hagee and other extremist evangelical Christians and Jewish Zionists use each other to advance their own movements. Rabbis for Ceasefire’s Alissa Wise notes the “influence of Christian Zionism on U.S. foreign policy is way understated” and should be vigorously countered by white American Christians, just as white American Jews have mobilized a high-profile opposition to Israel’s genocide of Palestinians." DN

This is partial trancription of Democracynow.org issue of 11/15/23 interview of Sarah Posner:

"SARAH POSNER: So, Hagee has long walked this line between seeming like he — or, pretending to a Jewish audience like he’s really only interested in policy and what’s happening in the present. He walks this line, but then, when he goes into a church to preach about his theology, what he says is really quite different. He didn’t say on Tuesday that he expects, according to biblical prophecy, that one day Jesus will return and fight a very bloody battle, which, as the rabbi said, will result in Jews either converting or dying — and Muslims, too, by the way. He didn’t say that. He didn’t say that he believes that at the end of that, Jesus will rule the world from his throne on the Temple Mount. He didn’t say that everything is playing out according to biblical prophecy. And so, he has basically hoodwinked many Jews into believing that he actually supports Israel, but what he really supports is his claim that Bible — Israel is just a pawn, really, in this Bible prophecy, which at the end of which — at the end of which Jesus will rule the world as basically a theocrat.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, Sarah Posner, you’ve noted that, quote, “At the heart of Christian Zionism is not a love for Israel but rather Christian nationalism.” But what does Israel and its staunchest defenders get from this alliance?

SARAH POSNER: Well, what Israelis and American Jews who embrace Hagee’s support get is a huge movement, much larger than the number of Jewish Americans, that has the ear of the Republican Party, that is enmeshed in the Republican Party. And so, it’s much more than CUFI has juice — CUFI is Hagee’s organization, Christians United for Israel — has juice on Capitol Hill or in the White House, when a Republican is in the White House. It is more than that. It is so common among evangelicals, even if they’re not members of CUFI, to share these ideas about Israel and Bible prophecy and the return of Jesus. And so, what they do is they bring this huge constituency to Republicans, many of whom, like Speaker Johnson, believe all of this themselves.

And so, they have morphed together this idea of supporting Israel with being a good American Christian. They believe that God has commanded America as a country, not just them as Americans, to, quote-unquote, “support Israel.” But in their minds, supporting Israel involves supporting the occupation, supporting the Israeli military, no matter what it does. It doesn’t mean supporting Israel from the standpoint that someday, perhaps, Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace. That’s not part of the equation."

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We have lost everything - we being life, human, animal, vegetable... It's because we have no-one in power who cares about life. Only winning. So we wait to die slowly slowly without light or hope.

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