I worry for the safety of you, and Matt and Aaron Mate and all the other reporters doing real journalism. I worry that you may end up like Julian Assange. Reporting the truth that is inconvenient to the American Empire managers seems every bit as dangerous as your previous position as a war correspondent. Thank you for your courage and your willingness to expose the truth.

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It's sort of dizzying for Taibbi to go from earnest, honest reporitngr to pariah for doing the same stuff, the same kind of reporting. Reporting is just setting down the facts as best one can; there is no animus involved.

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I can guarantee you that if Twitter were censoring critics of Trump, the Team D goodthink set would be singing a very different tune.

Remember when Trump insulting some journalist was received as the equivalent of Kirstallnacht?

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The reason I support Chris, Matt and Glenn is because each of you has shown the determination to continue to put the truth out there despite the consequences Chris spelled out today. I really appreciate that each of you keeps the faith with what used to be the Left.

I highly recommend Caitlin Johnstone's piece today on propaganda: https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/p/most-propaganda-looks-nothing-like

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Matt Taibbi has long been one of my favorite writer/speakers to learn from. Mr. Hedges is another.

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Thanks Chris, excellent report. A lot of my friends are blue pill Democrats. If I say our problems run deeper than Trump, it upsets them. I think a lot of the blame is on the US media. My friends think The NY Times tells them all they need to know.

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"Extensive government blacklists, revealed by the Twitter Files, are used to censor left-wing and right-wing critics."

“There were probably a lot of people who were frightened by the spectacle of the rise of Donald Trump,” he said. “They were told over and over again that this was a Christian nationalist neofascist movement. There are elements of that. There’s real truth to that."

"It fears the rise of the neofascists its dysfunction and corruption have spawned."

You see the problem here? It is Chris and Matt and others supposedly on the side against the censorship regime giving support to the enemy. I can see clearly why... there is an emotional connection to the anti-right cult of journalism that just cannot die. It is like they are fully committed to swimming in the deep part of the pool while still holding onto the shallow end for fear of swimming completely alone.

There is no material fascism contained within the 75 million who voted for Trump in 2020. Those fringe groups pale in comparison to the millions of leftist activists ready to burn down cities for the DNC.

Just stop repeating this lie that the censorship regime is attacking leftwing critics and that Trump supporters are fascists. These are material lies from the censorship regime that give legitimacy to the censorship regime.

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I have subscribed to Matt Taibbi since he started Useful Idiots with Katie Halper. I have often found myself in profound disagreement but I am 75 autistic and my perceptions are my reality and Matt's perceptions are his reality. My Russia is the Russia of Mark Twain when my ancestors suffered the consequences of an Empire where Jews were to be the Goldstein that precipitated every injustice.

In Samuel Johnson's 1755 dictionary of the English language a cabal is a secret society of Hebrew Rabbins and I guess it is a core belief of all conservatives even Israel's highest Rabbins. Johnson calls cabbalists the wisest of the wise and for conservatives truth is always the enemy.

When one accepts one's own idiocy it is easier to believe that genius is not knowing but knowing that you don't know.

The enlightenment began in Vilnius, Lithuania not Paris, London or Rome under the Gaon of Vilna who believed in liberal democracy and all were equal in the eyes of the almighty. Hasidism was a response to liberal democracy and despite Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin liberal democracy was held in check until the Paris Commune insurrection of the late 19th century.

Voltaire said perception is reality and I am autistic and I don't know what that means but my perception is my fact checking confirms my perceptions but that is only my perception.

I welcome Matt Taibbi's perceptions they help me examine my own.

I regard Matt Taibbi as Socratic and John Ralston Saul is my go to Socratic Philosopher and who I most trust on Press Freedom. There is a reason he was twice elected leader of PEN International.

I live in a secular humanist liberal democracy and trust my local independent newspaper to provide me with a Socratic presentation of the news not available in most of English speaking North America.

The press keeps our Premier under a microscope and we have a impenetrable wall between church and state. We fly the maize and blue in addition to the flags of Bourbon France and the Maple Leaf.

Neither the red white and blue of Russia or the stars and stripes represent our metaphysics.

I wish Matt well I am just a useless idiot.

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Censorship is the primary tool of totalitarian regimes. Obviously the media does not report on its own censorship practices. Thanks to Chris and Substack, at least some of us are aware of it. It takes only a small minority to keep the narrative becoming endemic. We need to do everything we can to fight back agains this censorship -- not just to spread the word about it, but to fight back legally in every way possible.

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"When these institutions break down, when they don’t work anymore, this is what happens."

They work just fine. Just not for us.

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Too bad the left didn't recognize what was going on during the Trump administration and the agenda the democrats had in regard to Trump, and this countrie's agenda. They tried to oust an elected president, delegitimize his base, worked with the deep state and implemented a much broader authoritarian rule that would allow them to lie their way out of everything, and anything. I hold the left as accountable as the mainstream media which operated with no sense of objectivity or independence. The democrat's turn toward a more authoritarian stance was veiled because so many on the left held Trump and his base in utter contempt, and blinded them to the truth and still does. Shame on them.

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The Democrats are responsible for the fascists of the far right , Magas and other extremists?

It seems as to me a very convenient narrative for the group that is run by gas and oil companies and lobbiests.

Why do you consistently blame the media for Donald Trumps actions. This man is twisted w hatred and seeks retribution with every

Opportunity for coverage.

I suppose the Ron De Santis’ of this world harbour their suppression of every ‘liberal ‘ thought or word because of Democrats.

Do you ever allow accountability for the fascists?

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Despite the cold, grave reality of Matt Taibbi’s persecution depicted by Chris Hedges, I am more shocked and disappointed by the commentary here that is dominated by fake-party loyalists who seem oblivious to the great divide that exists between the 99% of Americans who have no political representation and the oligarchs who own the government. This is analogous to quibbling over the deck chair arrangement on a sinking ship.

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I've noticed this as well:

“There were probably a lot of people who were frightened by the spectacle of the rise of Donald Trump,” he said. “They were told over and over again that this was a Christian nationalist neofascist movement. There are elements of that. There’s real truth to that. But in response to it they became exactly the thing they were telling everybody they were fighting against. By the time people wake up it might be a little bit too late, which is unfortunate.”

Many of those who suffer(ed) Trump derangement syndrome or any of the other Security State contrived ailments became staunch advocates of censorship. I hope it's not too late for some of them to have a "Jesus fucking Christ" moment.

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Has the United States passed its expiration date? What part of dysfunction don't we get when the possible/probable candidates for the "leader of the free world" are an octogenarian and a sociopath? Journalists like Taibbi are targeted and their peers are acquiescent. Where are the writers of The Nation and Mother Jones? There are members of Çongress I have admired and wonder where they stand. Jamie Raskin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Tammie Duckworth and Sherrod Brown are a few. I know there are people who are trying to fix the system and groups like Medea Benjamin's, MoveToAmend, WorldWithoutWar. Yet small, loud negative groups have been able to resonate. Here in Sarasota, FL I saw it with MomsForLiberty. One of the founders serves as chair of our school board! I trace it back to the 1971 Powell Memorandum. A playbook that's been copied and exploited. Is there hope? Are people waking up? At 90 I'm not sure I'll live to see it.

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Excellent article.

Scary intimidation.

The only hope I can see is #Kennedy24 but they'll probably assassinate him soon.

We're doomed.

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