The brutality and disregard for human life we are witnessing is enough to make anyone fear for the future of humanity. That’s one reason why I feel so grateful for the work of activists challenging militarism. Previous generations worked to expose corruption and repudiate it, just like those continuing that struggle today. The action that shut down a Lockheed Martin facility in California this week--21 years to the month after we did so following the invasion of Iraq --offers a poignant example of that continuity. https://shahidbuttar.substack.com/p/history-might-not-repeat-but-it-certainly

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The last Hamas fighter will be in the last refugee camp giving the IDF the excuse to kill the last Palestinians ☠️

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Chris this is incredibly sad. I'm glad you posted the story of Amr because it helps personalize the slaughter of innocent, promising, intelligent, loving people. What a waste of opportunity, not to mention cruel. Keep talking Chris. It is painful but these stories have to be told.

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I am ashamed that I belong to this species. Humanity is doomed🥲

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It would be best if all this wrongly programmed mammal was completely gone. But, by the time that happens, we will have extinguished most of the perfect life on this planet. Seas polluted. bees and bats not existing. It will be a pretty disgusting scene of billionaires living with their families in bubbles. Who would want to live with family??? Very Sci-fi ending.

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If the future is more of the present, extinction is guaranteed. For a little while we still have the potential to avoid complete destruction but the decision makers will need to change drastically. Unfortunately, the fossilized political system will not allow it.

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Nope. It won't happen. We are the stupid human species. God has turned her back on this deal here. Where is she now? Off to some other galaxy ..........starting from scratch...Evolution should have stopped with the monkeys.

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What a tragic criuel and senseless loss of this beautiful young man. We are witnessing the staggering brutality of israel towards the Palestinians, Israel with a government of right wing messianic supremacists with no regard for Palestinian life, in contempt of international law. The long impunity granted to israel by the US, Europe, has created this monster, now trying to ignite regional war. The US must stop supporting this genocide, stop supporting the current israeli right wing extremist govenment, which has no interest in peace or justice. Six months of this nightmare, unprecedented death of civilians and devastation - imagine if this was being doe to israel, how the world would react? International law is supposed to protect everyone

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PITA has made it his/her/its business to repost the same excrement every time Chris Hedges posts something. It is not worth the time it takes to read. Much less to respond. Any response only gives him/her/it encouragement.

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FYI -- Mnar Adley with Scott Ritter: Resistance, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia, NATO & WW3 (Apr 6 – Mint Press)


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Thank you !!

H G Wells wrote its “War of the Worlds” in period of 1895 to 1897 (published in 1898 – during English genocide of native Tasmanians (and btw of thylacine – Tasmania wolf)

GOP Speaker gives in to Biden on Ukraine - https://youtu.be/CcE2_xzX6ho?si=CTCva7fH3z1eoThH

'Rabbi' Shmuley: a walking antisemitic stereotype


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A lot of Israelis and Americans are going to hell for their complicity in the genocide of Gaza!

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Horrible, brutal Israeli assault on Palestinians in Gaza...and in the West Bank..with US bombs and military equipment. A lot of Israelis, Americans are going to hell for their complicity in genocide.

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I got phone call out of the blue Saturday afternoon ... a young woman said she was conducting a survey of registered voters on their preference in the NOV PRES election ... I asked her how long this little survey would take, and she said 10m ... I said "OK, fire away"... her first question was "who do you intend vote for if the election were held today - Trump or Biden? ... I told her it was highly unlikely that I would vote for either candidate and with that, her binary 10m survey abruptly ended as she hung up on me ... I didn't even have a chance to tell her that I would also never vote for RFK Jr for standing with Israel ...

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Subtitle:"... how corporations and the billionaire class have made war on workers, subverted our democracy and created the conditions for a CHRISTIAN FASCIST STATE"...

Hedges is being unnecessarily and deliberately divisive here! ... Hedges is - among other things, a professional story-teller ... he knows it is imperative to create an enemy and to "write against" that same enemy to keep us emotionally vested in his work ... Substack reports that his subscriber base here has grown from 60k to 88k since the OCT 7 attacks ... and my instincts are being proven right, nothing good can come from this type of disingenuous story-telling ... the premise of Hedges' primary line of argument is intellectually dishonest - and he knows it!

The Christian right DID NOT orchestrate the COVID lock downs; the Christian right did not impose the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports; the Christian right did not exploit COVID tyranny as pretext for pushing big tech censorship ... the Christian right is not the driving force behind endless war ... and Hedges knows it!

Ever notice? ... Hedges will always single-out the corporations and the billionaire class, but never even mention the "globalist" movement, let alone mention their leaders by name ... he is deliberately deflecting our attention away from those people behind UN Agenda 21 aka The Great Reset and falsely placing the blame squarely on the Christian right, Trump and MAGA ...

I'm an independent progressive just as Hedges once was ... and in tough times like these, I could easily follow Kari Lake's principles before taking seriously anything Hedges says in the heat of battle.



Chris Hedges has deserted the U.S. working class! ...

HEDGES: "Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone ... together we have a chance" ...


But he has refused to comment on THE GREAT RESET, The World Economic Forum and the proposed tyrannical amendments to the WHO Pandemic Treaty ...

Hedges abandoned the U.S. working class and the U.S. Constitution in an AUG 27, 2021 interview with Jimmy Dore, and he has now brazenly hidden behind ASSANGE and Gaza for the past 6 months ... his predictable decision to once again leave us all hangin' here with no hope on GAZA has become his trademark ... Chris Hedges is deliberately misdirecting our attention here ...

His relentless recounting of the horrors of the Gaza genocide for the past 6 months has passed the point of diminishing marginal returns for the marginalized millions in HIS U.S. working class ...

I now count over 70 pieces he has posted here since OCT 7, with only 8 addressing issues OTHER THAN the Gaza genocide, none of which really strike at the heart of the problems now facing Americans ... we are the people who bought his books, attended the his public signings, smashed THUMBS UP and always commented accordingly ... and we deserve much, much more from this once good man ...



Hedges is deceptively divisive and he obviously has no problem with it ...

Rather than comment on the ominous threats posed to our freedoms by the WEF and the WHO, he would also have us believe the problem is TRUMP-MAGA ... just listen to the extremely divisive, out-of-context comment he makes here in his otherwise terrific AMERICAN SADISM speech ... listen as he blames the MSM for splitting us into "warring factions" and then demeans those of us who question the motives and tactics of our elected officials as "members of the lunatic fringe and conspiracy theorists" ...

Start at the 43:10 mark and then listen very closely to him at the 44:32 mark:


Many times, Hedges has been quick to point out the problems of our binary reaction to political reporting but once again, he chooses to deftly demonize and conflate law-abiding Christians with fringe MAGA types ...

I happen to believe that 9/11 was an inside job ... so does that make me a member of his lunatic fringe? ... well guess what, Hedges has actually admitted as much ... after a 2014 speech he was asked to comment on 9/11 and insulted our collective intelligence by saying "I don't want to get into conspiracy theories, Bush was probably just asleep at the wheel" ...

Hedges' words do not empower us, his pessimism demoralizes us ...

Here's a few more head-scratching comments that now have even more meaning since the March 2020 lock downs:



He says all the right things here:

“We cannot be paralyzed by fear. We will be stripped, if we do not resist, of our few remaining rights. To resist, while there is still time, is not only the highest form of spirituality but the highest form of patriotism. It is, if you care about what is worth protecting in this country, a moral imperative."

And on another occasion: "The Constitution remains a sacred document."



But then, after the lock downs ...

He threw us AND the Constitution under the bus with COVID in an interview with Jimmy Dore ... just listen him equivocate and watch him dance to avoid a direct answer when asked about the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports before sheepishly blowing it off by saying: "that was a decision that I made."

AUG 27, 2021 ...

Go to the 8:12 mark ...


Jimmy: “I’d like to get your thoughts on the vaccine mandates and passports”:

Hedges: “So I got the vaccine … the fact is these things were rolled out without proper vetting, that’s real … but I understand how people are weary about it, because they were turbo-charged … but that was a decision I made to get it … I am quite certain, in the history of pharmaceuticals that they work very hard to bury the negative consequences … that was a decision that I made”

TRANSLATION: He temporarily suspended his principles because things just got too hot in his kitchen.

And on USEFUL IDIOTS on SEP 21, 2021

Go to the 1:50 mark ...

Another less-than-passionate, half-hearted response ...


“It’s a hard question, I guess”



On DEC 2, 2021 ...

The FDA was compelled by a court ruling to release Phizer's vax trial data that revealed 1,223 post-jab deaths and 34,762 adverse events in the first 10 weeks of its trial ... The FDA attempted to delay the full release of this data for 75 years! ...

This proved that the COVID vax was not "safe & effective"!


But then, just 30 days later ...

On JAN 1, 2022 ...

Chris Hedges made this comment on the Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast (Episode #54):

Go to the 1:08:47 mark:  


"I don't think we're going to stop the pandemic and mutations until everybody gets vaccinated" ...

Chris Hedges DID NOT have to take sides on this issue ... He could have said it's a personal decision, but no ... most people would never tell another person to "walk the plank" if they knew better, but that's exactly what Hedges did here ... he knew the VAX was rushed to market after only one year (the average is 10 years), he knew about the explosive FDA FOIA release and he had to have seen the many videos of vax-injured people ... but he chose to push the "safe & effective" narrative on us anyway! ... and then about 2m after making that same comment during the interview above, Hedges rubbed our nose in it by openly admitting that he "does not trust Moderna or Phizer" ... livelihoods and lives can hang in the balance of reckless, irresponsible comments like this but clearly, this man did not give a hoot about the consequences.

Of course, Hedges is free to write about any topic he chooses ... but although the 2024 PRES election is 8 months away, we've only got 2 months to stop the WHO from implementing those scary amendments to the pandemic treaty ...

But Hedges won't go there ... ya see, it's just too risky, he's cutting too close to the bone ... this has become his post-pandemic trademark ...

Read about James Roguski and the Amendments to the W.H.O.'s International Pandemic Treaty here on Substack ... Hedges should be front and center on this ... in tough times like these, why won't he even mention this topic? ... WTF is his problem?

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I do not intend to debate words like independent, progressive, liberal or conservative. I am focused on reading and listening to the stories Chris crafts. Which part of this particular article did you find offensive? It seem to have triggered a mini meltdown on your part.

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Talk to anybody who attends a Christ the King church about this genocide and you get the same bullshit reply that Hamas started it on Oct.7th. And that it's Israel's land, they are the chosen ones, etc etc. Well fuck that church and you, sir, as well. WTF is YOUR problem.

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I'm not asking you to debate ... I cannot imagine anybody following Hedges as closely as I for the past decade ... he has made many implicit promises to be there to fight the good fight with us when the time really came, but then snuck out the back door when the lock downs were declared ... he essentially abandoned the U.S. working class, HIS working class in an AUG 27, 2021 interview with Jimmy Dore and then reaffirmed his spineless position about one month later in a SEP 21 interview with Katie Halper ... our problem is not Trump, MAGA and the Christian right ... it's the globalist's relentless pursuit of UN Agenda 21 - and he knows it!

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