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The Chris Hedges Report with Professor Norman Finkelstein on Israel's genocidal campaign in Gaza, the world's largest concentration camp.


On October 7 Hamas fighters broke through the security barrier separating Gaza from Israel. They attacked army outposts, villages, an outdoor concert venue and Kibutzim. Some 1,300 Israelis, many of them civilians, were killed. Some 150 Israelis, in cluding women, children and the elderly, were taken as hostages and transported back to Gaza.  Israel says 1,500 Hamas militants, most young men who most likely had never been out Gaza, were killed.  Israel has ordered some 1.1 million Palestinians in northern Gaza to evacuate. The north includes Gaza City, the most densely populated part of the strip, with 750,000 residents. It also includes Gaza’s main hospital and the Jabalia and al-Shati refugee camps. Gaza is one of the most heavily populated spots on the planet with 2.3 million people. Its borders are sealed by Egypt and Israel. There is no sanctuary with a tiny land mass 25 miles long and only about 5 files wide.  Israel has cut off food, fuel, water and electricity, provoking an appalling humanitarian crisis. Joining me to discuss the crisis in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories is the Middle East scholar Norman Finkelstein. Norman has written numerous books on the Middle East including “Gaza: an Inquest into its Martyrdom.”

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