Will take Helen's advice and not vote in politicians that run on a platform of anti immigration. As she stated to the current 87 milliion refugees climate change will only be increasing displaced folks till were all living in in detention camps.

Was sad to hear many NGOs are detererred from helping these displaced folks due to right wing policies that keep them out thru changes in laws and status designations.

Again Chris....thank you and you many guests to revealing to us all the underbelly of world politik.

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I’ve been shadow banned 🙃

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Hey get this. I started making comments on utube / never have done that before. Just comments of truth and for peace. After one week this happened. If I make a comment now it won’t post it now. I can like something but not post. Also my app radio stopped all stations playing except BBC. This shows me it is not China or Russia stopping me / it’s USA & utube. Never did a swear or hate ting , just peace & truth. Very odd & fascist behaviour. It’s like what Elon revealed about twitter

What does one do?


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