When the Israel lobby attacked Mandela and Tutu for highlighting the plight of the Palestinians, the term anti-semitism which they applied to them lost much of its contemporary meaning.

However this weaponization extends deeply into society, especially corners which are largely opaque.

I am familiar with examples where it has been used gratuitously to enfeeble academic competitors.

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Yep, discrediting labels, name-calling, calumny, false accusations, defamation, libel- in a word: LIES, are attacks/bullying. We think of the Earl of Oxford’s (Shakespeare’s) Othello’s backstabbing “friend” Iago’s highly ironic words: “He who steals my purse steal trash. T’was mine, tis his, will be the slave to thousands. But he who filches my good name robs me of that which do not enrich him, but makes me poor indeed.”

#WeThePeople of integrity, #CREATORS, must ever #ConsiderTheSource. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This is why, #BigMedia’s propagandists are the totalitarians’ most effective tool to fool and us. Not about local “news,” rather about the epochal #BigLie crimes like purported “Lone Gunman” assassinations (#JFK, #MLK, #RFK), the #911FalseFlagAtrocity, the #PLANdemic, and now the NATO proxy war money laundering fiasco on Russia’s border with Ukraine.

Ty for reading.


(Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializer)

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The Empire, dependent on chaos to distract and cover otherwise obvious high crimes which feed its habit of constant bloody war, has extruded its captured corporate media into a weaponry system aimed to cut down opposition to concocted policies of which the elite Imperialists owe their endless accumulation of assets.

Corporate empowered imperialists used a lone-gunman story concocted and executed to delete problematic policy leaders. Today’s media are a team of public truth erasers, a somewhat elite ‘militarized’ unit of scribe-journalists eradicating purveyors of truth wherever truths are in conflict with policies dependent in imagery and lies, as if truth were the new street drug to eliminate.

Western corporate media enshrines itself as a provider of truths, while actual knowledge and conveyance of truths become the contraband of purported “unpermitted journalists” outcast to a wilderness where responsible journalistic conscience earns meager trade in the Imperial currency of fiat money and fiat truths.

The journalists banished to the wilderness document the Imperial crucifixions meted by a western ‘civilization’ so deep in the excrement of its lies it cannot fathom the depth of its subject’s revulsion.

The planet’s oceans boil as western Empires founded in carbon fuels play sleight of hand to subjects well aware they are in the pot along with the cooks who are completely devoid of any ability to turn down the flame of the carbon fueled cook stove for their anticipation of the rich broth of profits to be made in doping the recipe of civil survival with more carbon fuel.

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The third rail of Zionist power has hollowed out progressive thinking and supports fascism world wide. Almost all criticism of Zionism comes from the left, weaponized Anti Semitism is the cudgel. Noam Chomsky points out the Holocaust Industry didn't come about until after the 67 war and the de-facto annexation of the rest of Palestine. He points out that Einstein and Hannah Arendt along with many Jewish scholars in their letter to the NY Times compared Begin's Freedom Party (todays Likud) to Nazis, just three years after the Holocaust. Of course now it is forbidden and labeled Anti Semitic. Chomsky further points out that Israel dose not fear Anti Semitism at all, it is their most potent weapon. True Anti Semites like Trumps MAGA evangelicals welcomed even though their dream is the Rapture and Armageddon. Britain's MI 5 under Thatcher smashed the coal miner union who's president was a double agent undermining them at every turn. Infiltration of left wing causes by the FBI, CIA, MI5 etc. using communism and now Anti Semitism has made farce any sense of democracy. MLK was shunned after his anti war speech and MLK day never ever repeats it to the masses. Censoring his most profound speech proves the power and duplicity of the media along with Obama, Biden, Clinton and the War Hawk democratic party. Bernie should have run as an independent, his deal with the devil Biden will never come about. It amazes me that the Dixie Crat from Delaware the corporate HQ of the world could be championed by the left. It is a throw back to the Nixon Strategy that made all southern racist into Republicans. Seeing former Neo Cons like Max Boot and William Kristol as democrat supporters is disgusting!

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Thanks Chris. My partner and I have just had a remarkable beginning to our evening. Realizing exactly where we are.............and how we got here, is a pretty hard state to achieve. Thanks again for taking us there in just 30 minutes. That military elites can use the Anti-Semite card to destroy whomever they want should give us all pause.

Why doesn't it?

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Mr. Winstanley states that the U.K. press OPENLY sourced information and statements from the British military that there would be "mutiny" if Corbin was elected P.M. and that Corbin was "summoned" for a "facts of life" meeting with intelligent agencies (effectively Britain's FBI and CIA)--yet no names of sources were given. Unbelievable that anyone would take Winstanley or the British Press (if true) seriously. Quite simply, if you can't (or will not) state your source, then it is not news; its propaganda. If a military officer openly claims that they were threatening revolt (by any means) the P.M. and,thus, the chain of executive command, then I believe that would be grounds for military prosecution of that individual. It may, in fact, never have happened. Of course, if you won't state your source or name the individual, then it becomes anonymous propaganda and is, IMO, meaningless drivel. Why would anyone take such nonsense seriously? Why even engage and publish this interview on your blog and becomes complicit in the propaganda?

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The only way our future can follow the long arc of history away from "The Quiet American" Empire and toward the correct path to Democratic Socialism (which Portland Maine is supporting by 60% of Portland Women) with Maine Logo ‘DIRIGO’ -- "To Lead”.

'Negative Externality Cost' Looting is the killer, and will remain so because of the vast Inequality, which Louis Brandeis projected would not be able to comport with (small ‘ds') democratic socialism.

My double-sided demonstration signs simply say:





and on the other side:





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Great report. Here in America we have the same blaming of antisemitism for telling the truth. The good thing is that the Jewish younger generations have been opening their eyes. The following is from Democracynow.org :

"CUNY Law Graduate Faces Death Threats After Condemning Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians


Here in New York, the elected student commencement speaker at the City University of New York School of Law is facing death threats after she criticized the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians during her speech. Fatima Mohammed, who is Yemeni American, addressed the CUNY Law School’s graduating class in early May after being elected to speak by her classmates.

Fatima Mohammed: “Israel continues to indiscriminately rain bullets and bombs on worshipers, murdering the old, the young, attacking even funerals and graveyards, as it encourages lynch mobs to target Palestinian homes and businesses, as it imprisons its children, as it continues its project of settler colonialism, expelling Palestinians from their homes.”

Fatima Mohammed also spoke out against white supremacy and the New York Police Department. Mohammed has since faced a torrent of criticism from the New York Post and other right-wing media outlets and Republican politicians, as well as some Democrats, including Congressmember Ritchie Torres and New York City Mayor Eric Adams. On Tuesday, more than two weeks after Mohammed spoke, the CUNY Board of Trustees and the chancellor responded to the criticism by declaring Mohammed’s remarks to be a form of “hate speech.” However, Mohammed has received public support from the Jewish Law Students Association at CUNY and other groups. The New York City chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace issued a statement saying, “We decry the false characterization of her speech as anti-Semitic simply because she accurately describes the conditions Palestinians live under every day.”

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I’m deaf; transcript, please.

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Hi Chris. Don’t know if you’ll see this, but I wanted to tell you that I just got home from Welton Gaddy’s memorial service at Northminster Church in Monroe, LA. The service was a moving tribute to a great man. My first exposure to you was on his radio show. Welton was a great pastor, preacher, councilor and friend and he thought very highly of you.

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