Caity Johnstone asks how one can be opposed to eternal war and Empire without being accused of being a Secret Russian Agent.

The answer, of course, is that you can't.

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This is NOT slippage in journalistic standards

This is INTENTIONAL behavior directed by the corporate owners of Mainstream Media!

These are intentional lies and propaganda that the owners of these media corporations are DEMANDING from their employees who masquerading as “journalists”

This is insidious and pernicious

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I called this fraud in response to Robbie Mook's tweet about Russian interference the Saturday before the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Not calling firsts, just pointing out how utterly absurd the allegations were from the get go. I was running a primary campaign in WI and honestly could not think of anything I could do to impact the election without actually being in the district and interacting with voters every day.

To think that foreign actors could influence our elections with facebook ads and dis/misinformation is ridiculous! No one including the accusers have ever cited any actual action that could have conceivably have had an impact on that election and now there is proof that none of it ever happened and still NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT PURGING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF ITS CORRUPT LEADERSHIP!

We're still in the 'why won't the media admit they were used?' stage of grieving 2016. Nothing will get better until enough state parties cut ties with the DNC, run their own caucuses/primaries when they choose and by their rules, and then the DNC can throw their delegates out or accept them but either way the party either bends>reforms or breaks.

Break this party or fix it -- I don't care, but the folks in charge of the D party should never be allowed to work another election. Being good at excuses after the fact is not in the job description.

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In summary -- fascism rules in the US and US media.

Twitter Files alone is 20X bigger than Watergate but a total silence in state-controlled media.

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Here are the references to the Columbia Journalism Review series by PULITZER PRIZE winning journalist, Jeff Gerth, that Matt Taibbi cites:

1-Gerth Jeff. (2023). "INTRODUCTION: ‘I REALIZED EARLY ON I HAD TWO JOBS’" The Press Versus the President, part one. Columbia Journalism Review;

2-Gerth Jeff. (2023). " THE ORIGINS OF FAKE NEWS" The Press Versus the President, part two. Columbia Journalism Review;

3-Gerth Jeff. (2023). A CONTESTED PULITZER. The Press Versus the President, part three. Columbia Journalism Review;

4-Gerth Jeff. (2023). HELSINKI AND THE $3,000 RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN The Press Versus the President, part four. Columbia Journalism Review.

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As far as I know, Russia has not been a military threat to the U.S. since the dissolution of the U.S.S.R.

So what accounts for the obession with making Russia the boogeyman? Retribution for the pogroms of a hundred and twenty years ago?

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Note further how the Left instantly turned into warmongers and supporters of The National Security State, the moment they were offered the whip hand, while the underground pranksters, the people who speak uncomfortable truths that you aren't supposed to say in public, are increasingly on the dirtbag left or on the alt-right.

This is certainly not because of any inherent censoriousness on the Left or any inherent virtue on the Right, but because of their respective relationships to power.

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Chris has the best quotes to steal, we are witnessing the complete moral decay of the press.

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Your introduction so perfectly captures how politically toxic this psyop was. Matt's reporting missed that dimension. He viewed the effort through his background as a reporter and saw only fraudulent reporting. By viewing it from a broader perspective, you saw the political dimension.

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Thank you.

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I don't know what my problem is. It seems Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul has been telling us this for thirty years. He served consecutive terms as head of PEN International and talked about it in Voltaire's Bastards (The Dictatorship of Reason in the West) it has been thirty years and Chris Hedges wrote the foreword to the twentieth anniversary edition.

Who do you think paid the Town Criers?

Before I begin this week's news the specials at Raytheon..................................

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great interview. Thank you both for the tireless work you do. I am so appreciative

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I have no empathy for David Corn. He is corrupt to the core. Many other Mother Jones writers changed too. They went on to corrupt other good publications and companies.

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I remember mea cuplas from the press about not vetting government lies during the lead-up to the Iraq war. But the press did not correct itself. This time will be no different.

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I heard Biden's speak and I am speechless. In his time for choosing speech Reagan said 1933-1964 was America's worst Nightmare. That was the year of Duck Soup and the New Deal.

It sounded like 1933 all over again and maybe this time America will get The New Deal correct.

Democracy may be coming to the USA.

I think Biden got it right except when you are the Empire America First may not be the road less travelled by. The barbarians are more dangerous inside the gates. Men like Pompeo, Abbott, Cruz, Rubio and DiSantis are inside the gate.

It is a new beginning or the end in either case it is up to America. God told me she gave up on America well Jerry Falwell claimed he possessed a moral? (amoral) majority.


At the same time I received my monthly receipt for my contribution to The Quebec Co-operative for Independent media. Cooperative nationale de l'information independante.

Without an independent press democracy is just a Coleridge pipedream.

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If anyone here knows the answer to this question please answer. The Mueller report said Russia hacked email of Podesta and DNC and gave the emails to Wikileaks. Was that just lies? I remember at the time Wikileaks said the emails came from non-state sources.

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