Nearly two centuries ago in the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels defined the State, not as a neutral body standing above society with competing political parties, but as a political instrument of class domination, “a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.”

Nothing has changed.

As Vladamir Lenin noted:

“Bourgeois democracy, although a great historical advance in comparison with medievalism, always remains, and under capitalism is bound to remain, restricted, truncated, false and hypocritical, a paradise for the rich and a snare and deception for the exploited, for the poor.”

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The Clinton neoliberal agenda -- which has near total control of the "democratic" party --has done more damage to the progressive movement (of which Hillary laughingly once claimed to be a part) than the neofascists. The "democratic" party apparatus tries to frame each election as a choice between neoliberalism and neofascism. Ultimately, though there are some differences and distinctions between the two , for all intents and purposes both keep the one percent (the ruling class) in near total control of the state, the economy, and the media.

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The dual party duopoly of Red and Blue Parties continue a Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal Children-Killing & War-Starting EMPIRE

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Thanks Chris for confronting this damned EMPIRE

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I am old enough (91) that I need to slow the audio - whiich I can do on Youtybe easily - any chance of that option here?

Meanwhile - I am so ever-loving grateful for all your work, Chris! Without your beautiful writing and content I'm sure I could be mortally depressed at the state of this nation - which I fear has influenced the world. Your talent for this "preaching" is admirable - I'm sure Bill Coffin and Dan Berrigan are cheering you on from their Place, too! Please take care of yourself - that heavy blinking has had me concerned! Cheers - and do REST! Wish you could interview my dear friend Brother David Steindl-Rast, osb, (see: www.gratefulness.org) friend of Thomas Merton, Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama, living in Vienna (now 97 - and back recently from 6 months in Argentina!) The Catholics could use a lot a help - tho'David is not any part of their problen, quite the opposite! Cheers! Love/peace (as

Lynne Stewart liked to remind us!) Elizabeth

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I'd rather read your blog than listen to it - please make this option available........thanks.

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This podcast rightly calls out the Left on its disastrous political strategies, but I believe it has misconstrued many issues, including portraying the Right as largely a movement of fascistic, authoritarian-leaning, violence-prone bigots and irrationals, although those words were not specifically used. Yet there was a tone of contempt and horrified condescension that infused

the discussion that I have found, as an Independent to be all too familiar in characterizing the

Right. My own political leanings, to declare my biases, have traditionally been Left-leaning, but

I know many people who are more Right wing than I am who are fine people, and many of them

object to the kind of air of superiority the Left wing has in discussing the Right. Much as elements

of the Right can justifiably be considered intolerant and prejudiced, there are parts of the Left

that can be considered "Proud Libs" in their arrogant dismissal of the Right , and even violence-prone

if we look at the BLM and Antifa actions of the past 2 years. Neither side is morally above reproach, yet the Left tends to present itself as morally superior. This is incredibly divisive. Hubris usually portends a fall, and the Libs are likely to fall far in November.

Regarding the Roe decision, I think this was also a one-sided discussion. Although I myself tend to be leaning pro-choice, I think the pro-choice/pro-life antipodes are divisive and ignore the complexities of each position. There are legitimate arguments on both sides and breaking down the problem into on the one side the position of enlightenment and the other the side of ignorance is incredibly destructive. Dialectical processes need to guide the debate, free from emotional biases towards a synthesis that fuses the best elements of both perspective. So with regard to the abortion issue, I consider myself a fusionist, neither pro-choice, nor pro-life, yet I am clearly an outsider. I think the Left would see me as not sufficiently "woke" and the Right as not sufficiently moral". Yet most people actually don't really embrace these extremes entirely, and recognize the complexities of the questions implicit in abortion. It is so important in these divisive times that we steer our political conversation towards unity, and mutual understanding, especially when the population is under assault by mega-corporations, fueled by our own government as well as by the U.N., W.E.F., and W.H.O. Unless the people can come together we will never defeat these powerful opponents, who seek to rule and oppress us. Unfortunately, just demonizing the Left for its political miscalculations is not the solution. Instead, we must find ways of recognizing the majority as non-extremist, good human beings, and find ways of bringing the Left Center and Right Center together, to exclude those extremists, who use damaging language and violence to hurt their opponents. These dangerous minorities are not owned by Left or Right, but by both parties, and must be differentiated from the good people who make up the majority of our country.

I would acknowledge that many many people have been harmed by violent Right wing extremists. If it isn't clear yet, I will restate here than I condemn these people's acts. I also condemn genocidal vaccine mandates of toxic experimental vaccine products on fraudulently created and fraudulently publicized scientific ground, causing the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of children and tens of thousand adults not such morally defensible behavior either. I'm talking about Anthony Fauci and the Democrats here, for pursuing Trump's disastrous vaccine program, but also the Trumpists who in 2020 inaugurated this noxious pseudoscientific boondoggle on the people of this country, in the ultimate capitulation to corporatism. Both parties certainly deserve opprobrium for their roles in this

medical disaster.

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I think something that is missed here and often missed amongst people who are moral and intelligent is that this is by design and it is evil. As in literal evil. The devolution of the species and the direct assault on the Divine spark within all of us is the plan of the darker forces whom have co-opted most levers of power on Planet Earth right now.

I think two things happen to rational and reasonable people and it happens in this interview. There is a continuation of overlaying ideals and morality on what we thought was the better or the good and the lack of understanding of a moral reasonable person to really fathom the evil that is actively seeking to undermine the access humans by Divine right have to their own sovereign soul.

The extreme fascism on both sides is funded and coerced and manipulated to create an outcome for more control and the greater animalization of human beings. When a human being relinquished reason and chooses to become aligned to a greater degree with their animal nature they are less protected by Divine laws and can be used as servants and slaves.

Trump is a symptom not the problem. And our empire is on the way out.

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I wanted to clarify what “these ‘Times’ they are a-changing” had employed as a faux lede in this obviously contrived ‘war plan’ in attempting to achieve a level of unitive global control of our world, and a tip of the hat for exposing your own front page story as to how the ‘Times’ exceeded its own previous Pulitzer reporting records:

“Because of the “Quiet American Empire’s” success in luring and precipitating, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the continuing effects of the pandemic have hobbled countries around the globe, but the relentless series of crises has hit Europe the hardest, causing the steepest jump in energy prices, some of the highest inflation rates and the biggest risk of recession.”

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Great and insightful article re. Expunging Empire

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Great show. Thanks, Chris and Paul.

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Chris, don’t you have enough mad as hell not to take it anymore?

And this isn’t fun. I am for fun while doing anything, even saving the world.

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The hopeful thing is that more people are becoming aware of the pickle we are in. The first step for an addict to recover is to realize that s/he is addicted. We are addicted to a way of life and a fantasy about how things operate, propagated by the mass media.

I did find some hope and a clear statement of how to explain things to people in the Jennifer Lawrence video. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=436903861617561&extid=NS-UNK-UNK-UNK-UNK_GK0T-GK1C&ref=sharing

It is amazing that most young people don't seem interested in the issues. It is their future, but most seem content to watch movies and play video games. They have known nothing but security and can't imagine anything much different. By all means, talk to your grand-kids and give the some really straight answers. They need to understand!

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"They" are assuming power by virtue of their money. Someone may have billions of dollars but they should have no more say about anything than anyone else. Also... the better off we are, the better off they are. They worship greed to the point it becomes a self defeating sickness....

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https://hcm.sungraffix.net/the-american-experiment-is-a-savage-nightmare/ | The “American Experiment” is a Savage Nightmare, Paul Street

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This deserves a crown and I haven't even listened yet 👑

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