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As the world society is in the middle stages of a syphilis like dystopia, the spirochetes are drilling their way to the brain of humanity.

Please read; I would like to share my take on a universal solution to the literally unchanged moral crisis that the planet faces; what should happen next.

By David Wayne Miller@substack.com

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it was a Good Planet

whilst it Lasted.

this Book sounds like an Enlight-

ening and Delightful read

but we shall All*

end up on 'the Road'

Cormac McCarthy's ultra-

Dystopian peek at Reich-wing Utopia


*the 'lucky ones'

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Jul 9, 2022·edited Jul 9, 2022

End the Fed! Bank of North Dakota model for the US! Eutice Mullins tried, as did G. Edward Griffin to show us the folly of “Fractional Reserve Banking “, and The expressed wording in the Act to never allow Government Investigation! One of the rare times I use a Ronald Reagan quote,”Trust but verify” and not a single Republican is with me.

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I can appreciate the analogue presentation over a written article, but I kind of miss the speed of apprehension of the written...the velocity of the novel The Road mentioned below is molasses slow w/o the benefit of quicker abstractions so genres can cross each other: the written can be slow, the conversational can be fast.

A discussion around that would be helpful to me: the organization of life in various space/time modalities.


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