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The hypocrisy of Chomsky is incredible. Just look at his statements on the vaccine mandates. Absolute hypocrite and institutional sycophant.

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It will be a VERY sad day when Professor Chomsky will leave us, he is one of the last clear thinking truth tellers that hold a mirror to our faces for being hypocrits. He, like Howard Zinn refused to accept that our governments 'rewrite history'! What an exceptional human being (without these and in other fields, f.i. Beethoven, Mozart, Monet etc. it would not be worth spending time on this planet!!)

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We don't even know what to call ourselves anymore, those of us who do not support the actions of the Oligarchs, not that we have any say in the matter. Those of us who refuse to subject ourselves to the brainwashing of the establishment. They have very intentionally worked to co opt any attempts we make to unite and identify ourselves to each other in order to try to take some actions even just to 'express' our dissent. And now our dissent has been named criminal activity by the president of the U.S. and we are all under threat for non compliance just by existing as Americans who do not agree with or support their actions.

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Such clarity from Noam - and he mentioned two specific cases of interest to me. (a) Howard Zinn. A first cousin in AZ gave me his book - A People's History of the US (1980 edition) when I was visiting in AZ. in 1999. And then giving an address on my experiences to date then - in teaching in Japan - at ASU to a graduate class - their teacher mentioned having just been at a national conference at which she'd been speaking with Howard Zinn. I finished his book back in Japan - and wrote to him - the most honest book on US history I had till then come across - and he was generous to reply and to let me know there was a more recent edition of around that time. And (b) - re the "crucifixion" of Jeremy Corbyn - by the attack dogs and Jewish lobby within the Labour Party. And as Noam said - aided by The Guardian. I could scarcely believe it when a good guy Australian comedian and otherwise advocate against injustice (esp in the field of dis-ability) with a To-night-style BBC TV program "The Last Leg" featured week-after-week ridicule and scorn heaped upon Jeremy C - but then also an entire anti-Russian jocular rhetoric as well. This latter no doubt part of the "guidance" via BBC management permit! I have been following (from Australia - and other parts) the writings and commentary of Noam Chomsky for nearly 40 years now. Thanks, Chris. Looking forward to Part II (and hoping there might be a Part III already)! PS I've finished reading Ray Nayler's amazing Sci-Fi book - and I am well into Gabor Maté's book - out of your recent interviews!

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I can't imagine my life without Noam Chomsky.

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Hey Chris,

I subscribed as a reader, not a listener. PLEASE publish a transcript with each podcast. ~eric. MeridaGOround dot com

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I am 74 and I am autistic but if I may disagree just a little with Noam Chomsky I think he missed a significant historical event the destruction of Vilnius and liberal democracy in 1794.

In 1755 Dr Samuel Johnson a racist English conservative philosophy and Linguist called the Cabbalists the wisest of the wise. in his Dictionary of the English Language.

My father wanted me to be an intellectual but I failed public school because the authorities said I was a lazy genius. Truth is I am just learning to write I can't manipulate a pen or pencil and I write on a playlearn keyboard.

I think I understand Professor Chomsky, he uses the language I spoke 60 years

My father had a fine Catholic education and could lead the prayer services in his store front Chabad synagogue well into his eighties but taught me all religions are the same. My father was a Deist and a Secular Humanist and understood how history is written and who writes it.

I do not understand the use of liberal and conservative no one is as conservative as America's liberal class.

Try teaching Darwin's theory of natural selection to design enthusiasts. The math and the science fall on deaf ears. Yet all I hear is how the ACLU hates bill 21 which says Religion is a threat to liberal democracy and Freedom from religion safeguards liberal democracy it doesn't threaten it.

Cotton Mather the great American education philosopher hunted witches some of whom were probably much like me.

We didn't fly the Maple leaf or the Red Ensign in our school we flew the Union Jack and sang God save the Queen and the English could no wrong they were God['s gift to civilization.

The English Civil war was a bloodbath and the Irish Famine was a genocide and there were no Jews in England from the Crusades to the rule of Cromwell.

I listen to Chomsky regularly but it is always one's own history that seems to get in the way. The Deism of Franklin and Voltaire began in Vilnius in Lithuania not in London Paris, Athens or Rome.

It began with math , science and logic and that is a crime against the gods and the Republic she represents.

Ben Franklin wrote America's enlightenment history and was cancelled three years after his death.

All men are created equal was after all a slip of the tongue a simple linguistic misunderstanding.

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Thank you very much. It is never explained WHY such pathological hate of democratic capitalist Russia and total support of Nazi-dominated Ukraine government !!

Roots for this propaganda predate the Russia-gate FBI-DNC hoax and FBI 2020 election theft.

Stand with Russia – it fights for all of us against bipartisan fascist US/UK warmongering clique.

Jacob Dreizin – Oct. 13 – Racism and anti-Semitism in Ukraine



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Chomsky,Zinn,Assange,Hedges...am I missing anyone ? Thank you Chris and Noam for this interview and your continuing lifetime of using truth against imperial lies.

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Enjoyed that, very interesting!


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And Gore Vidal

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