"Truth Justice and the American Way" was the preamble of Superman TV propaganda in the fifties. As a boy in the sixties watching reruns it was accepted without question even here in Ontario Canada. From two very different perspectives i.e. Churchill and Orwell they agreed on the fact of Machiavellian state power. Churchill said metaphorically the danger of truth, justice and the use of censor to block any understanding of Geo Politics and war " the truth is so important it must be locked tightly away and surrounded by lies". I have always quoted this but never actually put a human face to it, until now! Julian Assange could be a poster boy for Orwell's Winston Smith. His description of "Waxen faced guards with truncheons and steel boots" who have the power of arbitrary state violence along with armies of British O'Brien's before us today, that are grinding Julian down in much the same way. His warning of the future "of a boot on a human face forever" in my mind will be the face of Julian's for evermore! Orwell also said of the Nuremberg War Crime trials "it was the guilty convicting the guilty" while now in 2023 it is the guilty US and British empire convicting the innocent Assange's before our eyes! So much for Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus. As Tower of London clones like Bel Marsh and Guantanamo Bay black sites proliferate with room 101's at the ready to protect hegemonic "freedom"! PITY the truth tellers!

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Are transcripts of these podcasts ever made available?

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This is just another betrayal of our attempts at creating a democracy. Before Trump, we had Obama who famously announced "We tortured some folks," and then took no steps to either investigate or remedy the situation. Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, responded to critics of the death of American citizens, by drone attacks ordered by Obama, when they denounced the executions solely on the President's order, without a scintilla of judicial process, by stating that judicial process was not part of due process, and therefore perfectly legal. That's what the guy from Columbia says to justify what the guy from Harvard commits. We're deeply in it...

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Ok. The European Court of Human Rights, or whatever its name is, has jurisdiction over any case in which human rights are implicated arising in any case in any country signatory to the treaty which created the court. The UK is a signatory. However, according to what I heard discussed here, and elsewhere, the jurisdiction of that court can be completely defeated by the deliberate act of the government which has violated the human rights of a person who might seek relief in said court. This could be done by whisking said person out of the offending country to a place outside that jurisdiction before any pleading can be filed by the aggrieved party asking the court to invoke that jurisdiction. What would happen if, after the two marsupials on the two-judge appellate panel, after ruling from the bench against Assange’s final appeal, left the bench and, the gendarmes, instead of dragging him to a waiting jet on a tarmac full of CIA thugs to fly off to Washington, just take him to the CIA’s waiting limo, where said thugs simply execute him, right there on the tarmac, throw his body out of the limo, get on the jet without him and fly back to Washington? Would there really be any difference? Except that the appeal to the European Court would be dismissed for mootness rather than want of jurisdiction?

I see no essential difference at all. Such an institution is not a court. It is just a PR scam Europeans invented, apparently inspired by what they interpreted as utopian works of fiction by Orwell and Kafka, to make them feel smugly superior in their beautiful ‘garden’. It is enough to gag a buzzard off a gut wagon.

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It is so unbelievable awful in what state our so called civilization is now. When listening to Mr Murray's description of these incredible horrible corrupt procedures it makes me despair and loose all hope to ever see a light at the end of the tunnel again for humanity. What happened to the saying "Have you no decency, Sir?" during the McCarthy hearing ... (not that it changed much, but NOW we have NOTHING from people in power)

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If this is available in print I’d like to share with local church leaders. For whatever good it may do.

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I can’t agree with Craig Murray’s view that America looks bad for trying to jail Trump while he’s the main opposition. Not only Republicans are allowed to be the ones that look like people who want to get stuff done. Trump is on trial for frustrating the election process by hiding his corrupt payment to Stormy Daniels; he should have had his candidacy ruled out in the 2016 election. It’s never too late to correct that legal wrong, for which he is rightly on trial. The government could avoid appearing to gloat by refraining from arresting him on stage as he accepts the 2024 election nomination, but there is no reason to suspend the legal processes, plural; you know he’ll seek to suspend them if he gets back into office. Then he would have the same impunity as the so-called national security community. The US and it’s allies need both the rule of law and open government

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I like Chris Hedges I like his heart but I am me and St Johnsbury is a hour south and a hundred years away. In Quebec race, gender and religion are fantasy and healthcare , education and welfare are rights not privileges and we send our working class to university so they can all be doctors and lawyers and business executives and they can all live in houses made of ticky tacky and they can all look just the same.

There is a lot to be said for ticky tacky but it was a disaster and it is time to change.

Before moving to our home in Appalachia beside the Appalachian Trail that ends abruptly at the Vermont Border where the Appalachian Trail is not a National Park because Vermont didn't want any Jews coming to visit. My father stayed home while my mother and her family went to Vermont they grew up in Montreal and didn't sound Jewish when then they spoke.

Jews have been a disaster for Vermont. Before Bernie, Ben , Jerry and Paul Newman Vermont was the reddest state in the Union. We called it Mississippi North. I wonder if St Johnsbury was any different when Chris was growing up. I am almost a decade older and St Johnsbury kinda scares the bejeezus out of an old autistic Jew. What is a mental health problem in Quebec is a crime in St Johnsbury.

Thomas Jefferson wrote The American Bible The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus dies on a Roman Cross martyred for telling the truth and was executed between two thieves.

I grew up in theocratic poor and illiterate Quebec my wife was born in Nashville grew up in Michigan and went to the University of Chicago on scholarship before finishing High School.

We lived in Chicago Woodlawn before moving to Quebec. What can I say about Chicago Woodlawn. other than Obama lost the democratic primary because he is too conservative. In Quebec Bernie Sanders is too conservative and we like Cornel but he is too Christian even for Latin America.

As for Julian we would welcome him with open arms. He is a cultural icon our local daily is a writer's co-operative which I enthusiastically endorse.


google translate might help this is Latin America but we have an independent media and Greta Thunberg is our Joan of Arc..

We fly the flag of Ukraine , neither the red white and blue of Russia, nor America are permitted but we accept refugees from Ukraine, America, Russia,, Haiti, Syria, Morocco (Maroc) Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran , China, Brazil, Venezuela the Dominican Republic and Cuba.'

Immigration Quebec a place that hates the English, English Website


Are you willing to give up English to enjoy freedom and democracy for your children and grandchildren?

Sherbrooke is minutes away from the New Hampshire border and the leaves will soon be spectacular come up for a visit on Valentines we have Poutine week usually it last two weeks but last year we needed a month of poutine we were so relieved to take off our masks. We did very very well in our Covid trial and we have no post traumatic stress disorder in our student population.

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I just watched Hedges' discussion with Stella on the RNN ... I for one, am no longer entertained by his obssession with darkness, which seems driven by his need to protect his place in the independent media food chain ... and as grossly unfair as the plight of Assange has been, you'd still have to stand on your head to make the case that the Assange's fate is a top-tier working class issue ... A divorced and unemployed mother of four never gives a thought to Assange and Hedges knows it ... whatever happens to Assange has no direct bearing on her ability to find gainful employment at a living wage in a union environment ...

This man has a very nasty, cynical side and is actually using Stella to sustain his image for his passive followers ... he'll talk about Assange until he's blue in the face, but refuses to comment on hard news and the tyranny that is now in our face ... don't forget that for the past two decades, he has urged us to resist tyranny even when things look bleak, but that all changed with the lockdowns ... Chris Hedges threw the working class under the bus with COVID as he has refused to stand with us in protest against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports ... on this topic, he has only said "it's tough decision" ... thanks for nothin' Chris ...

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What would be a suitable crime for me to commit to be sent to Hedges' prison classics seminar?

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