Absolutely stunning! I hope the book does really well -- people need to know about this. And it explains so much!

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Been patiently awaiting this very episode. I was in the room at an ICOP event in London where Matt gave Chris a copy of the book and Chris invited Matt to be interviewed. It was this event: https://youtu.be/k4lgsyo-3SE?si=czw90oKmzbZWGekn

I’m also currently reading the book! Can’t wait to listen.

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Probably the most important interview i’ve heard all year. Book on order. Eternal thanks Chris and Matt.

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Interesting but I watched Quebec go in the opposite direction while I lived in English speaking North America. I was born under the Padlock laws in Quebec


I dreamed of living in a secular humanist liberal democracy where my handicaps didn't overpower my genius.

I am 75 and autistic and I do not share your history. In fact I will quote Voltaire and say "Perception is real in its consequences. I never saw anything heroic in the America Empire except for the heroes filled with food fit only for bacteria and mold. When it was time to retire my wife and I had decisions to make. We had lived for over a decade in Woodlawn Chicago. Surely everyone has heard of Woodlawn it is where Barrack Obama lost a Democratic primary because he is too conservative. The great thing about being me in Woodlawn I don't know who me is. I think I am a homo sapien and hadn't considered there were other races.

My uncle said why don't you return to Montreal . My wife does not speak French. She attended the University of Chicago and our family is in Florida, North Carolina, Maryland and Illinois.

Here in Quebec corporations have the same rights as Charmin only living things have rights and race, gender and religion are not real.

Eugene V Debs was put in prison for speaking the truth. Mark Twain wrote the Gilded Age and Orson Wells starred in Citizen Kane.


In 1964 the Ku Klux Klan and Fred C Koch's purchased the GOP and Ronald Reagan for 30 pieces of silver.



In his time for Choosing Speech Ronald Reagan called the 31 years from FDR to the Civil Rights Act America's worst nightmare.


Any resemblance between Quebec's secular humanist liberal democracy and English North America's obsession with wealth and power is an accident.

Oligarchy is for Empires like America, India, Russia and China.

Quebec is optimistic about the future.

What is meant by spreading Democracy?

I remember The Maine. It was a war of aggression.

When the USA invaded Mexico and stole Texas they re-established slavery which Mexico abolished in 1828 and they made Roman Catholics second class citizens.

When America entered World War One it was based on Woodrow Wilson's Fascist proclivities. The committee on Public Information taught Josef Goebbels everything he needed to know about propaganda.


There was no discussion of democracy in 1776 it was about sovereignty and right the British gave to Catholics under the Quebec Act of 1774.

We have been in Quebec for almost twenty years and secular humanist liberal democracy is something America should try. Once upon a time you came close but the GOP and the Democrats prevented its success.

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Exceptional interview. Essential information.

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That phenomen has also been described on marxian political economy tradition as " imperialism on highest level of capitalism" or

" state monopoly capitalism" phases originated intern logic of capitalism where state/governement by forcing powers/institutions and new practicies opered for profit benefit only. Happy to have new angles and observation updated

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Nobody Tom,

After following Hedges very closely for the past decade, I just call 'em the way I see 'em ...

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Sep 20, 2023·edited Sep 21, 2023

I'm struck by how soft and easy-to-please Hedges' followers are ... they are nothing more than a worthless pack of passive pushovers ... they seem totally content to have St. Chris spoon-feed them their weekly dose of darkness and that's it ... beyond that, they seem to demand nothing of him and Hedges clearly knows this ... as we now stand in the midst of THE most perilous time in human history, they are oblivious to the way he has brazenly gone back on his word by refusing to directly confront tyranny, call out the perpetrators by name and comment on hard news developments ... his followers enthusiastically give him a pass and defend him as a "great journalist" even though he effectively retired with the lockdowns ... I've not seen a single person here express an interest in having him comment on the prime-time issues that dominate independent media discourse ... Hedges has in turn developed a cynical pandemic playbook in which he hides behind the plight of Assange ... and give him credit for finding new ways to exploit the Assange case to maintain his place in the independent media food chain ... this week he did a 2-part interview with Stella at her home, and before that devoted a sermon to Assange ... in the meantime, he has not had a word to say about the Maui "wildfires" or the proposed amendments to the WHO pandemic treaty ... I firmly believe that his peculiar PR strategy is no accident ... I believe he was told by TPTB to "stay in his lane" and I'd also bet the ranch he rolled over for them without a fight ... Hedges' followers comport themselves as true cultists - St. Chris can do no wrong and they can find no fault ... these people are actually classic enablers ... they fail to notice that although he denounces the corporate elites in general terms, Hedges has deftly taken sides with them on the issues of climate change and personal medical autonomy ... Hedges flies in the face of his past principles and like trained clapping seals, his followers robotically respond by saying "gimme more!"

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