From your summary: “Workers Strike Back will be a united, multi-racial, multi-gendered movement of working people. It will battle anti-trans legislation and against all right-wing attacks on LGBTQ+ people.”

That is why I and many working-class people will not support it. Although some “anti-trans legislation” comes from the Right, much of it comes from:

> Feminists and their allies, gays and lesbians who do not support “transing away the gay,” or being told that they are transphobic if they do not accept and sleep with trans-persons;

> women who oppose having their Title IX rights and opportunities being stripped away by male athletes;

> women who oppose having their domestic violence shelters, prisons, locker rooms and other sex-segregated placed invaded by men who “self-identify” as women, and women who have already been assaulted and harmed as a consequence;

>working-class parents who oppose seeing their children being swept up and harmed by the explosive growth of “rapid onset gender dysphoria”;

> health-care providers who oppose the harmful medicalization of youth who fall prey to this socially encouraged trend;

> the thousands of detransitioners who have been irreversibly harmed by it;

> the educators, other professionals and other speakers who have been fired, canceled, deplatformed, doxed, attacked and mobbed for critiquing this trend -- and many more.

You should be critiquing this divisive attack on the working class, which has been funded by its billionaire advocates, not cheerleading it. See, e.g., https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/billionaire-family-pushing-synthetic-sex-identities-ssi-pritzkers

I realize that you have questioned some of these excesses before. So why are you going along with this agenda now?

Is there bad “anti-trans legislation” that goes too far and does not merit support? A small fraction, perhaps. Progressive-minded people should support trans-identified persons having the same civil rights as everyone else – but not at the expense of women, not at the expense of children, not at the expense of science, not at the expense of ethical medical practice, and not at the expense of the First Amendment. Most of what is labeled “anti-trans legislation” is actually aimed at protecting the latter interests, not attacking the rights of adults who identify as trans to live their lives as they see fit.

It is disappointing to see a person of your intelligence and social awareness fall for this. I suggest a bit of homework. Here are a few sources that I urge you to study carefully, none of which can be fairly characterized as "right wing":












Thank you for your consideration. I think you can do better than this. Like it or not, we cannot unite the Left, or the working-class, until this ruling-class-supported ideology is exposed as the fraud that it is and can no longer be used as a wedge to divide us.

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Finally , a plan for re setting this totally broken system.

Thanks Chris for bringing this information to light.

I think we’ve all felt completely at a loss when it comes to what we can do about this corporate greed that effects all and enhances the power of funded political bias.

Its definitely time to insist on worker rights and those of all people who are not well represented for civil and human rights.

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I love the logic of this. It’s pure like any good argument must be.

Speaking of bees, I also love the example of social insects for whom labor unions defined their existence. When certain ant populations have had enough. They simply bite the head off the queen, the power is always in the mass.

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Only the radical, woke workers, the poor, and our youth can save people and planet....IF we all support them, and not the corrupt politicians.! Go Kshama!

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And we the people can stop purchasing pharmaceuticals wherever possible and switch to natural remedies where possible and boycott all other corporate entities.

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Kshama Sawant is a breath of fresh air who is fighting to improve the conditions of the working class in our country. She is taking her ideas and implementing them through the Workers Fight Back Movement. Unlike President Biden who says he is pro labor, but his actions indicate the opposite Ms. Sawant puts her "money where her mouth is." Ms. Sawant should run for President; she would do a much superior job to any of the potential candidates that are being considered.

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Bring back unions! We once were strong and made a decent wage. The rich have bought our government and we the people must take it back!!

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Really, then all the world has the deep state right? Bangladesh, Sudan, etc.

You are stuck in America both within your thinking and within you point of view.

Capitalism is the problem.

And now with cartel-monopoly capitalism the small guy has no chance.

Just ask the small businesses put out of businesses by Amazon or box stores.

Concentration of wealth does nothing for small business.

Nearly two centuries ago in the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels defined the State, not as a neutral body standing above society with competing political parties, but as a political instrument of class domination, “a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie.”

The fascist state is doing a good job. War, unemployment, no housing, inflation, addictions, destroyed

communities, trillion dollar pay outs to the rich and crushed lives.

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This is our only hope. The tragedy of cartel-capitalism cannot be constrained by politicians.

And this movement, as it gains momentum as I think it will, must spread internationally to counter the growing international fascist movements gaining popularity daily, as in the US.

Listeners might find the following podcast of interest as it points directly to the horrors we face as the world is gentrified and the public commons a slim reminder.

Cities After… The Threat of Mega-Landlords

In this episode of Cities After…, Prof. Robles-Durán discusses the growing prevalence of corporate landlords and their devastating impact on affordable housing and homeownership.

The mass acquisition of single-family homes and apartment buildings by private investment companies, backed by global finance and, often, as Prof. Robles-Durán reveals our own pension funds, capitalizes on our basic need for housing as a human right and turns it into a profit-making enterprise. This phenomenon grows out of the capitalist-fed dream of private homeownership, which has never been truly accessible to the masses.

We need community land trusts, cooperative housing, and to put an end to the predatory commodification of housing before it’s too late.


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The vast majority of police and fire departments are payed by taxpayers.

Plain and simple. Don’t need a video brother.

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Chris, this lady is a waste of time. Pay young people $25.00 per hour, then you will have people not coming to work because it will be their “cushion” not to. There goes production. Her Covid problem stemmed from the deep state. Why was Walmart open, while small stores had to close.

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I guess that this person knows nothing of history. Socialism does not work nor will ever work. A recent event is the USSR. Did it survive? Freedom and Liberty certainly do!

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I have no argument with any of Sawant's policies myself but I do wish she appeared to understand the old saw "you have to lead a horse to water to make him drink".

I'm not going to rant on about how the culture wars' issues have been deliberately been created by elite owned media to keep all citizens arguing with their neighbours so all of us do not unite and fight until we bring them down because most know this on some level, what I fail to comprehend is why Sawant doesn't want to recognise that reality.

It makes far more sense to organise humans on basic obviously fair issues such as a living minimum wage and healthcare for all whilst refusing to engage on BS culture war beat-ups so her movement isn't easily derailed by the PTB.

Instead Sawant has willingly jumped into a really obvious trap thereby alienating a huge chunk of citizens, admittedly on issues that rarely affect most humans, which is how the elites use them to divide but why not just day "I support what is determined by people to be the best outcome on all those and rather than arguing incessantly it is a duty bound on all of us to develop a mechanism for discovering exactly what everyone thinks before we run around haranguing each other on issues that are complex, emotive & uncertain, next question please".

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She is so out of touch. All her demands will kill small businesses.

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I don't believe in censorship --- but I do believe in moderation and I wish the comments here were moderated. It's painful to read thru a number of them.

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I fully agree, and do away with all forms of money of any type as we can live far better and realize our full Potential as human beings without illusory classes and the separaion it causes.,

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