As Ron Suskind hectored Karl Rove into blurting-out this truth:

"That's not how it works now. We're an Empire Now”

NYT, 10/17/2004 Check the Quote in "these 'TIMES' they are a-changing" [hopefully].

In 2024 it will be 20 years in which Suskind exposed "The Quiet American" EMPIRE.

Apologies to Graham Greene.

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Thank you.

Just being a big man is enough to get you killed. What a horror show.

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USA a paranoid nation of Dirty Harry cops and MAGA Di Niro Taxi Drivers. "You looking at me Punk", "Go Ahead and Make My Day". The only answer MORE GUNS that fuel even more paranoia. Brutal rogue cops and prison guards is the filthy vein of American law and politics. Jack London's description of law and prison conditions when he was arrested for vagrancy should have led everyone to the same conclusion. But no the general public accepted that the poor and black have to be treated brutally along with anyone challenging the powers that be. Vagrancy laws were used to fill the chain gangs in the south, local sheriffs would round up anyone they wanted, clothing and skin color were signs of who would be targeted. Jack London described cops as "walking torture chambers". Their tools of trade were fists, boots, Billy-clubs, black jacks, whips and guns. Their arsenal called "tools" only got bigger along with qualified immunity.

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Long version to NYT comment:

Paul Krugman, when you mention, “Very Serious People”, I have to assume that you mean the very nervous ‘Billionaire Bastards’ — as defined and proven to be the money/power movers who control both of these duopoly parties and their facade of government.

As Ron Suskind, when he was reporting in "these 'TIMES' they are a-changing" hopefully now into a serious "paper of record", and when Ron hectored Karl Rove so viciously that he blurted-out:


Paul, lets cut to the chase the actual development of "The Quiet American" EMPIRE [apologies to Graham Greene] — IMHO, started in 1898 when Mark Twain was one of the founders and Vice Presidents of the 'American Anti-Imperialist League'.

A key point in the expansion of "The Quiet American" EMPIRE [Silent coup d'état] was executed by Dixiecrats and 'Big City Bosses' at the 1944 DNC Convention when FDR's brilliant VP, Henry Wallace, was cheered by 60+%, but physically blocked from taking the podium, with the session immediately adjourned and 'fixed' next day.

Here's my newest double-sided, ad-hoc, focus-group tested, and 65%+ favorable signs in Portland Maine & Portsmouth NH:





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This actually originated in response to Bacon's Rebellion 1675-1677 when poor white settlers and black slaves joined together in opposition to the elites. The colony of Virginia enactedin 1705 what are referred to as the Slave Code. For minor offences, such as associating with whites, slaves would be whipped, branded, or maimed. That no slave go armed with gun, sword, club, staff, or other weapon, nor go from off the plantation and seat of land where such slave shall be appointed to live, without a certificate of leave in writing, for so doing, from his or her master, mistress, or overseer: And if any slave shall be found offending herein, it shall be lawful for any person or persons to apprehend and deliver such slave to the next constable or head-borough, who is hereby enjoined and required, without further order or warrant, to give such slave twenty lashes on his or her bare back, well laid on, and so send him or her home…

So any white man could be judge, jury, and executioner for any black person not one a white master's land, and was obligated to provide this police service.

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IF you are deaf like me.......HOW am I supposed to listen to a 'podcast' with no subtitles?

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Deputy gangs arise out of the need for force to maintain social inequality. They epitomize the thuggery rampant in such “special bodies of armed men”—the apt description Engels and Lenin used for law enforcement agencies under bourgeois rule, which captures their essential role as defenders of capitalist exploitation. 

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I’m like cal lash, preferring to read rather than listen. To any & all interested in how socio-cultural phenomena like “abuse of power” is fostered & then tolerated, however, we Conspiracy Realist Educator Activist Truther Organizer Reader Socializers recommend #JordanHarper’s penetratingly incisive, ILLusion-bursting bibliotherapeutic crime novel #EverybodyKnows.

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Thank You.

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I dont do podcasts.

I just read

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Cops are the absolute worse. They lie and they do it with complete impunity. I’ve seen it first hand and had many, many abusive encounters with police as a former sex worker. It’s stunning what they are allowed to get away with and how their narrative is always believed in a court of law, in complete defiance of the truth. They’ve also convinced the general population that all sex work is controlled by abusive pimps, “human traffickers,” as they have astutely re-named them, which I have always felt is simply a ploy to garner sympathy since the victims of a “trafficker” are more likely to be white. Rather than address the underlying problems with a society that is very willing to pay a woman ten times more to take her clothes off than to keep them on, we demonize and criminalize the women in the industry.

As Chris Hedges has written elsewhere, we need to start investing in people and stop only investing in systems of control and oppression.

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Dear WWII,

Here’s the article of which you said that “of course” I couldn’t find it because my comment was based on hearsay. The date and source you insisted I provide instead of my “bullshit qualifier” that I’d heard this story is also here. My point: not all folklore is myth; if I said I heard it, it means only that it’s at second hand, not that it’s necessarily false or invented. ‘Hope you are less dismissive with the next guy who says he heard something, but I suppose it’s your prerogative to chase them around for dates and places.

Nov.13 2018, NPR news

When police arrived after reports of a shooting over the weekend at a bar outside Chicago, witnesses say Jemel Roberson, a 26-year-old security guard who worked there, had already subdued the alleged assailant in the parking lot, pinning him to the ground.

Adam Harris, who was at Manny's Blue Bar in Robbins at the time of the incident on Sunday, told WGN-TV that Roberson was holding "somebody on the ground with his knee in his back, with his gun in his back" when officers from neighboring Midlothian got there early Sunday.

Midlothian Police Chief Daniel Delaney said that's when one of his officers "encountered a subject with a gun" and shot him, according to a statement given to the media.

But the "subject" was Roberson, not the suspect in the bar shooting.

On Tuesday, Illinois State Police issued a statement saying that "a Midlothian Police Officer encountered a subject in plain black clothing with no markings readily identifying him as a Security Guard, armed with a gun in the west parking lot."

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...and I'm flattered by the personalized salutation. Auf wiedersehen.

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Unable to find Professor Joanna Schwartz's book "Shielded: How Police Became Untouchable"


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