What a relief. I suppose I’m not the most unbiased reader, but when I read truth and honesty, it just floats off the page. Having just listened to a vile and dishonest interview between the gasbag mediocrity Sam Harris, and someone named Timothy Snyder a Yale professor, this is truly fresh air. Everyone should listen to that interview just to understand how dishonest minds work. And thank you Chris Hedges and Medea Benjamin for your knowledge, honesty, and wisdom.

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Joe Biden, Senator John McCain, Victoria Nuland and John Kerry all met with the opposition before the 2014 coup, including the leader of the Svoboda Party, Oleh Tyahnybok, who was considered as antisemitic by the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. This hatred was caused by the Holodomor, the big famine created by Stalin. in the 1930s Ukrainians saw Holodomor as being created by «Bolchevik Jews». It explains why Stepan Bandera became a nazi and was responsible for the death of thousands Jewish Polish citizens. Bandera is celebrated as a hero in Ukraine and the Ukrainian ambassador in Germany recently refused to condemn Bandera. Right Sector and Azov Battalion were involved in the 2014 coup, in the political exclusion of Russian linguistic rights and in the civil war. Neo-nazis are a minority in Ukraine but play an important role in the escalation of the war. And the Americans use them as a way to destabilize Russia, as suggested and recommended in the 2019 Rand Report "Extending Russia".

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Jamie Raskin, Nazi Supporter Extraordinaire

Maryland's pompous congressman warms up to the Azov Battalion (by Scott Ritter – Nov 3, 2022)


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If Russia did not exist, Ukraine would be a pariah state.

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What a wonderful discussion - balsam for the soul to know that people with common sense still exist. I wish Mrs Benjamin great success in her announced tour of the country! The 'government' is completely out of control and without any basis to reality, no wonder that some conspiracy theorists think that they are lizards from ... (outer space??) - I guess even children in Kindergarten have more brains!! It is devastating what is happening now - there are so many problems for this beautiful planet and nobody in power doing the right things ...

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American propaganda and nonsense. History tells us from the time before Alexander the Macedonian Empires drew maps not the people living on the land.

The Charge of the Light Brigade happened in Crimea as the Russian invaders were repelled by the European and Ottoman Empires and Germany wasn't a nation.

We have the American military inside our borders and we dare not declare neutrality.

The best we can do is support the Ukrainians and their call for sovereignty.

The only possible positive outcome in human terms is an end to the Czarist Empire and Russia becoming part of Europe.

The real question is not Russia whose Empire is no more but America where Putin would be a normal politician or oligarch. What will America do without Empire. It was in 1917 when William F Buckley Senior wanted war with Mexico because He not Mexico owned the oil in Mexico.

Buckley was of course given Venezuela because of his emotional distress.

I am a Canadian and a Quebecer and I like real social democracy, a free press, an educated population and peace order and good government and a road map to a better future.

I believe the Russian people and the American people deserve a future better than the present.

Zelensky told Ukraine what was worth dying for before he went into politics.

Reagan and Bush sold Saudi Snake Venom.

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Medea Benjamin should be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize for her strong voice and many years of activism for a peaceful world.

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I am learning so much. Such corrupt capitalist greed and elite disinformation. I always knew when the US weapons complex is making $$$ there is a war to be found and exploited; and that those weapons would sooner than later be used against us. No good planning, respect for human life, manipulation of public on a grand (and successful) scale. Thank you both so much for your truth and tireless work -

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FBI demands 66 YEARS to release data on Seth Rich laptop – (his murder is still unresolved.)

2020 elections were indeed STOLEN – by FBI !!

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It is very important that people not believe for one second that the move to 'chip' us is anything other than control over the population. The claims re monitoring our carbon footprint is a NO SALE while the Oligarchs wage heavy polluting wars and causing more dirty energy to be used. And NEVER be fooled when 'CONVENIENCE' is used to take away more of our privacy and rights!!! I can only see the Oligarchs as INSANE as the push us toward nuclear war. I understand that they have spaceships and bunkers, but it still seems insane.

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Thank you. Wonderful interview.

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Binary thinking. This is the grave problem. The Beavis and Butthead cultural stance and educational stance serve idiocy and confusion.

The psyop is in full spectrum operation.

America is dead, both ideologically and in terms of any form of critical thinking, critical scrutiny or understanding.

We live in an incubator of lies and deceit.

My heart goes out to Medea, but unfortunately her movement has failed.

Perhaps her thirteen million dollars in a Trust in her name will help.

Chris, you are calling on the wrong people.

Go to the youth.

Interview them.

Suggest their points of view be critically examined but please, no more controlled opposition.

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