Where there should be outrage there is none,

Compassion none,

Solidarity none,

Empathy none,

Accountability none,

Responsibility none.

This is the noneness,

The nullity of our times.

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Note that the Biden regime could free Julian with the stroke of a pen. In fact, Biden is arguably the only person now who can do so.

The dismissive mockery of regime representatives towards Julian tells you all you need to know.

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Thank you - and:

“Trump went into the lion’s den tonight and he ate a lion” -- Kim Dotcom on Trump at CNN

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Hedges has become THE most predictable of the "sell-out play-it-safe pseudo-progs" ...

As grossly unfair as the treatment of Assange has been, you'd still have to stand on your head to make the case that his plight is a top-tier working class issue ... but Hedges continues to HIDE behind it ... an unemployed divorced mother of four never gives a thought to Assange and Hedges knows it ... the Assange case has no DIRECT bearing on her ability to find dignified work at a living wage in union environment ...

Hedges refused to stand with the working class against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports ... on this topic he has only said: "it's a tough decision" ... and then he brazenly took sides with big pharma just one month after the explosive FDA FOIA release:

On DEC 2, 2021 ...

The FDA was compelled by a court ruling to release Phizer's internal vax data that revealed 1,223 post-jab deaths and 34,762 adverse events in the first 10 weeks of its trial ... The FDA attempted to delay the full release of this data for 75 years!

On JAN 1, 2022 ...

Chris Hedges made the following comment right here on SubStack on the Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast (Episode #54) - go to the 1:08:48 mark ...


"I don't think we're going to stop the pandemic and mutations until everybody gets vaccinated" ...

Chris Hedges DID NOT have to take sides on this issue ... he could have said it's a personal decision, but he chose to play it safe and recklessly stand with big pharma ... and then, after abandoning us on the mandates and passports, he made this comment just 3 months later in his "PIMPS OF WAR" post here on SubStack on April 11, 2022:

"Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone ... together we have a chance" ...

Thanks for nothing Chris!

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Hedges and Fish stand up for Truth and Justice again! They present the facts in the public interest, which is the noble cause of journalists of integrity no matter what. They never spin the truth to suit special interests and always champion the virtues of a free society "without fear or favor." They courageously keep the citizenry informed about what's really going on in the corridors of Power and explore the alternatives to the corrupt reality of things as they are. Their work takes readers on a freedom ride away from policy based on ideology toward a governance based on evidence and the rule of law in the quest to realize the full potential of the Constitution, which has always been the sacred duty of the Fourth Estate, now unfortunately corrupted by corporate interests. As Newton Minnow, John F. Kennedy's Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission said, "If you're going to have a free society, you have to have an informed electorate; I think that's the public interest." In Newt Minnow's "vast television wasteland," these two stewards of freedom and democracy plant the seeds of resurrection that may yet save us from the radical Evil that holds humanity in its lethal grip.

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Well, PITA Contrarian, thanks for appreciating the tone of my remarks, and hopefully contributing to setting the tone generally. I tend to defend Hedges in all things and was writing to Kamala Harris to ditch Biden and run on a ticked with him for VP. In my mind Biden was supposed to retire after beating Trump the first time, leaving all to her; and the man clearly destroyed the European supply of natural gas from Russia after threatening to do so. which is costing me thousands. Why would the Russians destroy their pipeline when they have their hands on the taps anyway? A journalist should ask him about that.

I am a bit mystified about the anti-vaccination movement in the face of a pandemic, thinking that a hurried vaccine is better than nothing. If only it were nationalised and cost next to nothing! What’s the point of fearing poisoning when your neighbour might blow you away for asking him to keep the noise of gunfire down ? I suppose it’s from the fear that the vaccines contain sinister politics in the way Russian gas is supposed to.

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"Fear the puppet Masters, not the puppets", it's a great quote. That must be why I wanted the 1/6 puppet Masters prosecuted before over a thousand of the poor puppets. For thousands of years, when individuals are allowed to accumulate unlimited wealth, oppression always ensues after all the raw materials and wealth of the nations have been looted. The aborted fetuses are going to be the lucky ones. They will go back to God but the ones who were not aborted will live a living hell. Only an epiphany from all the rich could change the course of mankind currently. They seem to keep doubling down on evil though.

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