I never believed it and I'm a Bernie Sanders gal. Clinton was the absolute worst candidate the DNC could have picked simply because the GOP and fundamentalist churches in the hinterlands have been hating on her for decades giving them years of swiftboatable ammunition. Had the DNC chosen anyone else, even Joe SixPack the RNC would have had to go back to the woodshed and would not have had time for an effective campaign. Of course she didn't help matters during the debate with her arrogant attitude and nattering on about Putin who was on no one's radar and left people scratching their head. I am as disgusted with Trump era grifting as anyone else and have no respect for him but Clinton should have at least behaved respectfully and she continually sneered at him. Uh, oh, I knew then she was going to lose.

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I'm sorry -- not. This sounds like an apologia for Trump. This "report" ignores fully the monstrous acts of the man. As to James Comey, he did Trump a favor by throwing Clinton under the bus -- so to speak.

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I really wanted Trump to succeed. But he lost me when he claimed to have the largest inaugural gathering ever. It only took him one day to lose someone who wanted to stop the status quo. Of course he went on to commit over 20,000 lies and even tried to take over the government, with Biden's help he may succeed. Trump borrowed over 7.8 trillion dollars, he had no health care plan, and about a half a million deaths could have been prevented if he would have insisted on people wearing n 95 masks over their noses. He probably sold our top secrets to the Saudis and the Russians and the Chinese or whoever else could afford them. The Reagan, Bushies, and Trump tax breaks plus the Iraq war which was not supported by the progressive Democrats, only by the Reagan Republican Democrats all cost America over 40 trillion dollars. Now the GOP wants the poor people to pay for the billionaires tax breaks, who moved their plants overseas and imported about 100 million immigrants legal and illegal. They did invest in America, they bought up real estate and drove the prices sky high and now we have hundreds of thousands of homeless. Fascist socialism is better than fascist capitalism. Both are unsustainable and will destroy a nation. Unlimited greed always causes a lot of human suffering. The Republican Christians don't act anything like Jesus. The only reason Trump and about 300 puppet Masters are not in prison right now is because of Garland being a Republican and Biden also. So now we could default on the national debt costing $15 trillion dollars or more. What a great way to balance a budget McCarthy.

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Chris, have you read The Muller Report in its entirety? I have. I detected a hesitance to state outright that the findings support actual collusion with Russia in addition to strategies to withhold funding from Ukraine until they agree to “Investigate”. The outcome of that report was clearly avoiding “vindication” from all misdeeds and accusations. Trump should have been indicted or at the very least he should have been publicly rebuked. The hesitance to conclude with a bold confirmation of criminal intent contrasted with the facts of The Muller Report.

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This effort & work by Chris Hedges, for which I am grateful ☺, impels me to think (again) of the many lessons to learn through deeply (patiently) reading 400 pages, Hardcover, First published October 18, 2022 ── ''Myth America: Historians Take On the Biggest Legends and Lies About Our Past'' ── edited by Kevin M. Kruse & Julian E. Zelizer.

Chris's work here, along with that of Kruse & Zelizer, raises an adjacent question I have. → What do you believe we should advise ourselves & others about Border fantasies & undocumented immigration?

Border fantasies & undocumented immigration are also contestants in Great 18th-21st century Myth America Pageant since about 1790, both saying that border is a place of danger, dysfunction & illegality.

Border is more so a place of creativity, community, cooperation & connection. ── That is true of the last 230 years. ↓

Spaniards & Mexicans of 1800's wanted a defined U.S. border to defend against Indigenous Nations. ─ Free & enslaved Black migrants sought refuge south of U.S. border where slavery was abolished in 1837.

War of 1812 was in part a dispute between the English-French-Indigenous-U.S. nations about their respective Border fantasies & undocumented immigration Angers in the post-Napoleonic Wars realpolitik.

Texas Revolution & US-Mexican Wars happened in a fluid Borderland of Human, Cultural, Familial & Economic Exchanges.

Catholic-German-Irish-Italian-Jewish-Chinese-Japanese-SouthernNorthAmerican & Caribbean migrants all took turns facing brutal (mythical) U.S. Border fantasies about undocumented immigration in our Gr8 Myth America Pageant.

We’ve been at it the last 230 years. ── You’d think by now we might’ve learned at least a bit of how to welcome others into United States occupied turf & surf.

MICIMATT is ─► the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academic-Think-Tank Complex that is truly bereft of all Human Value … MICIMATT Myths do us no good, either.

International security would best be served by committing a World War level of effort to address the too-real Climate & Migration Crises rather than preparing for every conceivable military threat.

Did you know that it only takes 6 calls in 1 day coming in to get ''that issue'' you care about discussed in the daily staff meeting of a Congressperson or Senator?

It can feel daunting to advocate to officials with whom we often disagree on policy & procedural positions … we’ve seen that we can change minds & policy, especially when we coordinate our efforts.

Well, I say Your calls & e-mails Really Are Being Heard by our legislative representatives! Here are Committees ─ links ─ House.govhttps://www.house.gov/committees


U.S. House Committee Assignments - by Alphabetical Order of Representatives → https://clerk.house.gov/committee_info/oal.pdf


U.S. Senate: links to all 24 Committees → https://www.senate.gov/committees/index.htm


Senator phone numbers. → https://contactsenators.com/senator-phone-numbers


Representative phone numbers. → https://www.house.gov/representatives


... but I rant ... Please forgive me ☺ Thank You, Chris & Eunice, for your Effort & for your Work. ☺

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We have our very own Praetorian guard – the Roman soldiers whose role it was to protect the Roman emperor which then morphed into an organization that selected the emperor. Our Praetorian guard is called the FBI.

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I’ve been reading Chris Hedges with great interest since the 1990s, and once again, his true investigative journalism shows. The only thing I’d add to this article has to do with allegations of direct Russian election interference via hacking into the DNC and invading social media. On that subject, I conducted a great deal of research following the Mueller Report’s release, and I was fortunate to have it posted at the link below.


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So utterly ironic that the world's most interventionist empire should fabricate interventions against themselves for the sake of partisan politicians . Amazing how corruptions are like compound interest, the cost is deadly.

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"The findings of the Durham report should be the final nail in the coffin of Russiagate, but it won’t be. The New York Times is typical of much of the coverage of the Durham report. Look at the framing from the headline of their story: “In Final Report, Trump-Era Special Counsel Denounces Russia Investigation.”

They then proceed to dismiss the report.

Mr. Durham’s 306-page report revealed little substantial new information about the inquiry, known as Crossfire Hurricane, and it failed to produce the kinds of blockbuster revelations impugning the bureau of politically motivated misconduct that former President Donald J. Trump and his allies suggested Mr. Durham would uncover.

The Times that pretends to be a champion of democracy is not troubled by the FBI’s “confirmation bias” and a “lack of analytical rigor” that led it to penetrate the campaign of someone running for president. Here we have a state agency injecting itself into a campaign driven by what can only be seen as a partisan bias."


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