Thank you. It IS getting us all killed. We are not engaging in the necessary project of peace to end climate change but rather speeding our demise.

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We should remind ourselves that the Dulles brothers, John Foster, and Allan Wallace were two of the most sinister characters in American history, as they laid the foundations of what is now American foreign policy. This is all documented in Stephen Kinzer's book The Dulles Brothers. They declared their secret war on the world subverting the wishes of FDR and every president they worked under. Kennedy eventually fired Allen Dulles as head of the CIA-- and this may have been a contributing factor in Kennedy's assassination.

John Foster Dulles, as Sec. of State coined the term " brinkmanship" by which he meant pushing other countries to the brink of war without actually going to war. The US has used it perpetually to keep the world on the cusp of war, they are using it against China right now at great risk to the world.

At that time Adlai Stevenson called John Foster's brinkmanship "reckless". In today's context it is pure unadulterated insanity.

In David Talbot's book The Devil's Chessboard, he suggests if FDR had lived longer Allan Dulles might have gone on trial for treason as he deliberately subverted the president's policies.

High powered ideological bureaucrats subverting the will of presidents and legislators is a systemic corruption of US politics.

Reading Kinzer's book goes a very long to explaining the chaos of the world today.

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Meanwhile the corporate media attacks DeSantis for his opposition to US involvement in the Ukraine war.

In my "what changed" analysis for what is destroying us there are two primary actors:

1. Democrats have become the warmongers as they have also become the party of big business, Wall Street and the globalist corporatist cabal.

2. The once independent press/media has become a propaganda arm for Democrats serving the interests of big business, Wall Street and the globalist corporatist cabal.

Everything else is materially the same. We have war hawks and war doves. We have people that believe the US has a responsibility as ideological police getting involved in foreign conflicts. We have isolationists.

But the propagandists once called journalists are paid to move the needle on public opinion for a purpose. The BLM and Antifa protests were/are peaceful (they were not). Opposition to the government policy on Covid and the vaccines is disinformation that kills people (it was/is not). The US is systemically racist (it is not), we are in a climate crisis (we are not) and Russia, Russia, Russia is a threat to peace and prosperity around the world (it is not). Jan-6 was an insurrection! (it was not). Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinformation! (it is not).

Meanwhile China is to be ignored. Just look the other way kids.

Who cares that China systemically oppresses its own people? Who cares that China is putting up two new coal-fired electrical plants per week? Who cares that China steals American IP, blocks access to its markets and dumps products to take over entire industries? Who cares that China unleashed a deadly pandemic conveniently when DJT was making progress resetting the economic relationship to benefit the US (as it should be)? Who cares that China gave millions to the Biden family? Who cares about aggressive Chinese hegemony and the formation of a new axis of power against the West that is led by China?

The Ukraine proxy war is a media-propaganda event to deflect from the CCP-supported WEF Great Reset project underway. The American sheeple, especially the well-off educated type, have been propagandized to bleat their support as part of their new Godless left theocracy that backs their support for all the other self-destructive memes of left politics.

Jesus, what a great time to be alive if you are interested in human psychology, human behavior science and cultural anthropology. There is a species of ants that periodically gets stuck in a connected collective circle of travel where they eventually all die from hunger and exhaustion. We are those fkng ants.

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It is truly terrible what the American Empire does around the world.....but what dismays me to an even greater extent, it the fact that so many good people continue to fall for the bellicose patriotic bilge. It's as if our imagination has been eroded to such an extent that we can't imagine all the little children, the mothers and fathers, the grandparents............who die violent and pointless deaths......

In order to sustain this myth of good and evil. What keeps me awake at night is the possibility that we havent learned anything from all the past conflicts Chris was brave enough to report on. Since Nicaragua I've been following the dreadful war America has waged against the communism inside their own mind............and I have to conclude:

We must be a culture of racists in the west...........to believe that all this suffering serves anything or anyone but the weapons industry.....and the carpet baggers who profit off war.

While climate change rises against us............like Evidence.

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Imagine Ukraine gone, Russia silenced and China in control. Imagine all men marching in time and tune. Imagine climate change destroying all life on what will be a dead planet. Imagine women giving birth to sick babies that she has no milk to nourish because her diet is so poor. Imagine the entire world under the power of drug dealers. Imagine unemployed men raping any woman available. Imagine the planet is renamed Raperia as we take our last gasps.

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Thank you for pulling together the recent history of US proxy wars. I'm sure many of us have lost track of these events. Your summary helps us to see more clearly how the Ukraine war fits into the larger agenda of the US government. It's not a pretty picture. War breeds war, ad infinitum. Thucydides says it clearly: the strong do as they will and the weak suffer what they must.

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So much of the US foreign policy depends on the total ignorance of we the people; this is worsened by the propaganda of the corrupt US corporate newsmedia. However, the whole world is watching as well as any spiritual religions you may hold. Does the whole world end via evil politics???

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I agree that America will arm the Ukraine and Russia will win the war. The real winner will be Putin, he will have all of Ukraine's natural resources and have gotten rid of all of his opposition and undesirables courtesy of the New world order America. I also see America becoming a dictatorship autocrat run nation ran by the New world order billionaires. How? The Federal reserve with Trump's appointee Jerome Powell raising the interest rates will cause a depression, the banks are already starting to fail. The GOP Congress will not raise the debt ceiling and cause America to default. This will all be blamed on Biden, who is either braindead or one of the New world order leaders like Trump. The dictator will be voted into office.

Most of the Dems and all of the Republican party are owned by the rich capitalist globalist. The future of America looks like a proxy war disguised as a civil war. China will come out of it unscathed, and with their manufacturing the right wing billionaires gave them, will be the new world reserve currency. I see the autocrat in charge of America shipping all the journalists and undesirables and intellectuals to the front lines to fight a proxy war with Taiwan that China will win. Instead of concentration camps, this time the fascist will just send the more evolved to the front lines to get rid of all opposition like Russia is doing currently. The capitalist control both parties and they are right wing in America. Capitalism and democracy are incompatible, so is Christianity and capitalism. Only with a maximum wage (like about 15 times the minimum wage in my opinion),and campaign finance limitations can democracy flourish in America.

China is United, they work cheap, they are very intelligent and their population is about 1.5 billion which will allow them to police the world.

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"The war in Ukraine has little to do with Ukrainian freedom and a lot to do with degrading the Russian military and weakening Vladimir Putin’s grip on power." Ukrainian resistance has been strong for over a year, yes with help from the West, but Putin invaded them and they're fighting him for their own freedom from his tyranny and autocracy. Chris, you've summarized your illustrious journalism career too many times recently. Address the current situation in detail, which you haven't done at all in this article.

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Thank you, Chris Hedges and Mr Fish.

I appreciate the history and the links. Chalmers Johnson's 4, 769 word review of Steve Coll's book is a great read. ABOLISH the CIA.

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Mr. Hedges, you are the man.

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Thx for the great historical reminders, Chris

Many thx!

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'cannon fodder:

the Best fertilizer

to grow your Portfolio'


whoa mr. Fish

that seems a

bit Pricey*

to me.



per Issue

can anyone

break a Hundred

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How can we get this info on youtube?

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Perhaps I'm not understanding the nature of your gripe with Chris.

I can't read your link without subscribing, and I don't want to subscribe....so I think we're having what might be a verbal disagreement.

In Canada....folks who feared the vaccine and wouldn't be vaccinated were also furious to imagine that anyone might fear their unvaccinated state and not want to mingle with them. And it became for me very irritating to see how rude they could be to shop people....only following orders........so the choice of not getting vaccinated blurred into the choice of bulling your way into venues where proof of vaccination was required.

Choice is rarely as simple as we think it is; but quite often, the free choice advocates don't extend their absolute rights to others. So in Canada things started to heat up with the mandates and vaccine passports. The Canadian unvaccinated felt their choice was without consequence/the mandates and passports told them otherwise and they were pis....d about that.

I doubt your stats from Pfizer...but my research oriented partner will look into it. I trusted the vaccines....given the well known past benefits of vaccination. On a broader level......I also noticed how the anti-vaccine crowd voted.....and what lethal industries they supported....so......

I came to the conclusion that some of their refusal was politically motivated. I think we saw that same divide in your country.......where the death toll in Red states was much greater than in Blue. Conservatives have a nostalgic and rather narrow view of the world....they are not, shall we say, Change Agents....or even Change embracers.

Chris Hedges sees through the religious right........so I'm pretty darn sure he's done the analysis on what I've described above. The Pandemic is just something many fascists don't want to believe in, because the pandemic, like global warming, threatens their narrow traditionalist way of viewing the world.

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This is so much concentrated horror I can't even....

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