While the US is trying to destabilize Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine to counter Russia's economic expansion (via its pipelines) at the same time they are trying to destabilize Myanmar, Thailand and Taiwan to counter China's economic expansion (via the New Silk Road).

The will to power as a negative and destructive force applied to the scale of geopolitics is what characterizes Washington's international politics. A neoliberal globalist elite sees the dream of a unipolar world and planetary hegemony slipping through its fingers, while the BRICS constitute 40% of the world population and its gross domestic product exceeds that of the G7. The scattered violence that we are witnessing is the result of a desperate power that is losing momentum.

Russia continues to be portrayed as an evil country led by a criminal despot, while the United States has engaged in more than 100 military interventions since 1991.

The myth that Russia and China pose a danger to the international order is maintained even if the United States has 800 military bases around the world and Russia has only 9.

We continue to accuse others of warlike violence when the US has been at war almost all the time in its history and its military budget reaches more than 800 billion dollars per year.

In comparison, Russia's annual budget is $60 billion per year.

We are worried about the words of a Russian philosopher, Alexander Dugin, even though he has no influence in Russia, he never met Putin, Putin never named him before his daughter was murdered, and the party he created got only a meager 0.5% in the Russian elections. We need a straw man to keep alive the simplistic and stereotypical view of the Russian invasion as an imperialist venture, something that has been approved by Dugin and his daughter for quite a while. In addition to exaggerating Dugin's influence on Putin, this recourse to a fake Rasputin is an attempt to explain the conflict on the basis of Russia's internal politics. However, the conflict can be explained first and foremost on the basis of geopolitics. The exclusion of geopolitics serves, wittingly or unwittingly, a very specific purpose: it diverts attention away from the presence of the elephant in the room, the United States.

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We are being abused, exploited, and scammed by U.S. Oligarchs. While they have plans to chip us to measure our carbon footprint, they take trips out into space and wage endless wars in order to gain more money, power & control causing massive environmental harm. That isn't even accounting for the increased risk of nuclear war and the massive number of deaths even what they call a 'minor' nuclear event only furthers the agenda of these insane oligarchs to reduce the world's population to 1 billion... There actions have NOTHING to do with leadership. These are not things real 'leaders' do... this is self indulgence, abuse, and exploitation of all life and resources on earth.

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BTW, your artwork for your articles is astounding! Great work all around Chris Hedges.

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Thank you

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Actually. have a look at my 4-minute video: My Birthday Alarm: https://vimeo.com/742856949!

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Is there something that could change in the world that would get us to be cooperative? It's the bullet we need to bite so we don't just move those Titanic deck chairs and do what would be causal to changing everything. I'd say universal UBI, where every civilized person in the world gets food, shelter, education and health care. Maybe get the billionaires to give up all but what makes them still very rich and there could be enough money to go around. Get the world beyond where so many are in survival and we can address what we can do to to create the world we'd like to live in, let alone avoid the extinction that looms if we don't become cooperative.

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I am 74 and still learning how to write. I failed public school, High School, college, Devry and the University of Waterloo correspondence. When your IQ is genius and you are retarded everybody accepts the challenge of training.

I don't see this as a proxy war, this skirmish began in 1794 when Russia acquiesced to the demands the Empires.


In his 1755 dictionary Dr Samuel Johnson a classical conservative called Vilnius' leaders the wisest of the wise. Rabbi Judah never went to school he travelled the universe. He was a Deist and Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin were his disciples.

What did Twain say about conservatism.

"Conservatism is the fear-filled worship of dead radicals."


Deists believe in the Creator much like Darwin and Einstein.

The Enlightenment began in Vilnius and the Age of Reason died in Vilnius in 1794.

Philosophy and science are not synonyms . They are the same word. Where there is no science there is no reason. Where there is no reason there is no liberal democracy.

When humans say Darwin is the survival of the fittest they show complete ignorance of Darwin and his science. Darwin is about evolution not theology. We are who we are not who we believe we are.

This is not a proxy War . The USA, Russia, and China are on the same side and the 21 Fully Democratic countries are supporting Ukraine.


I know Harvard, Oxford and the Sorbonne are invested heavily in false history but Costa Rica was born in Vilnius and educated in a town near Krakow.

I know American history and literature and I know Dr Cotton Mather was a Witch Hunter not a philosopher. Philosophers only know the right questions and Harvard teaches all the wrong answers.

That is why Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible during our more recent witch trials.

I am at a loss to understand how Dr Pinker keeps his job. He is a scientist not a Witch Hunter.

How insane does one to be to separate Philosophy and science.

The humanities is about theology and science (philosophy) is about evolution.

When they studied the Merchant of Venice in my 83% Jewish Protestant English speaking High School, what was never taught was there were no Jews in England from the Crusades till Oliver Cromwell. Shakespeare's Jew bled when pricked but Shakespeare never met a Jew.

Milton was Cromwell's Secretary., He understood, he wrote Paradise Lost and was forced to write Paradise Regained. That is why he wrote Areopagitica.

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