I can't say more than THANK YOU! I am sorry that I can' t send your words to anybody because I live very isolated here in France.

Best wishes and BON COURAGE as we say here.

Connie Bygdnes

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Hey get this. I started make comments on utube / never have done that before. Just comments of truth and for peace. Eg showing support for Chris Hedges , Julian Assange , Edward Snowden ...After one week this happened. If I make a comment now it won’t post it now. I can like something but not post. Also my app radio stopped all stations playing except BBC. This shows me it is not China stopping me / it’s USA & utube. Never did a swear or hate ting , just peace & truth. Very odd & fascist behaviour. It’s like what Elon revealed about twitter I’ve been shadow banned


What does one do?


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In 1905 Mark Twain suggested the proper response to Russian autocrats. Nobody heeded the call and the war just continues.

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Excellent article. One thing came to mind. When listing those Democratic Senators who opposed the Vietnam War, Wayne Morse should definitely be included. In fact, he was probably an earlier opponent of the war than most of the other members of Congress who are listed.

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Chris, do you believe it is wrong to kill people who are killing others and the planet? I'm not addressing viability, I'm addressing morals and the principle of self defense.

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