Hedges despite his caving with the lockdowns and vaccines is still primarily a staunch voice for the powerless. He knows well that fear is the driving force of media and politics. I cannot be a purist on every topic I stand for otherwise there is never a chance for compromise. Most of us would of caved long before he did with the pressures he has faced. There are none who do the things he does for prisoners and none have volunteered to add to his program in that situation. There are valid points to these critiques but this man's career and writing easily proves he is still worthy of respect and I for one am glad he is here to report so. Matt is getting railroaded and Chris clearly points this out while all other mainstream news source are circling the wagons around him. This alone proves he is doing the right thing and had turned into the US version of Assange. Let us, the people, show this is intolerable by backing Matt in a show of solidarity for exposing the truth

about our compromised news and information media.

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May 30, 2023·edited May 31, 2023

The point Andrew, is that Hedges is now making huge withdrawals on the good will he established since his time as a war correspondent in Iraq ... he's now using his legacy purely as a means of preserving his niche in the independent media food chain as he deftly steps over to the other side ... and yes, of course his work with prison inmates is laudable ... but he has rationalized away the fact that his words actually can inflict harm on others ... Hedges told us there's nothin' to worry about, just go out and get vaxxed ... he pointed his reckless words at his followers like a loaded gun ... and like all the other capitalist carnivores in this world, he did it without regret because his victims are nameless and faceless followers, nothing more ...

It's easy, it's so fucking easy!

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Chilling. I have followed Taibbi for at least 6 years in the UK, picking him out as one honest, old school (like his father) reporter. His books bear out this reputation, which h will never be crucified in my eyes. In fact I gave Elon Musk a brownie point because he offered Matt the Twitter files. Pray it will not prove to be a poison challice Dr Jo

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No way of knowing them or verifying anything they say. Crazies are out there my dear....I work politically in a conservative area and know this for a fact. Some folks will believe anything if it comes from an authority they trust.


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Tell Hedges to get the hell off his sanctimonious soapbox ...

In this article he mentions the "three steps to destroying a reporter who can’t be bought off or intimidated" ... there was a time when I placed Chris Hedges in that club, but not anymore ... he's made a number of statements since the MAR '20 lock-downs which strongly suggest that if not bought-off, he has at least allowed himself to be intimidated into a state of selective silence ...

I've found his positions on the following issues to be real head-scratchers:

DIVISIVENESS - He's always been quick to point out the divisiveness among us, but in his recent May 20 piece on the TRUMP-RUSSIA CONSPIRACY THEORY, he chose to reach deep into his bag of wedge issues to deviously resurrect Trump and MAGA ... Hedges is actually a retired activist since the lockdowns ... he is now repelled by hard news and desperately clings to politically safe issues just to maintain his place in the independent media food chain ... and he will resort to divisive rhetoric whenever it suits him ...

In his otherwise terrific 2021 AMERICAN SADISM speech, he brazenly revealed his disdain for those of us who now openly question the motives and tactics of our elected officials ... at the 44:57 mark, he made the following extremely divisive comment ... he said the loss of the elite's credibility "has given rise to spontaneous groups, as well as the LUNATIC FRINGE that embraces conspiracy theories such as Q-ANON" ...


I happen to believe that 9/11 was an inside job, so does that make me a member of his lunatic fringe? ... well guess what, Chris Hedges is actually on record as saying as much ... after a 2014 speech, he was asked to comment on 9/11 and insulted our collective intelligence by saying "I don't want to get into conspiracy theories ... Bush was probably just asleep at the wheel" ... 

ACCOUNTABILITY - I'd like Chris Hedges to explain ...

1) Why he refused to stand with the working class against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports ... on this topic he has only said: "it's a tough decision" ...

2) Why he brazenly took sides with big pharma to deftly push the "safe & effective" narrative on us just one month after the explosive FDA FOIA release:

On DEC 2, 2021 ...

The FDA was compelled by a court ruling to release Phizer's internal vax data that revealed 1,223 post-jab deaths and 34,762 adverse events in the first 10 weeks of its trial ... The FDA attempted to delay the full release of this data for 75 years!

And then, just 30 days later ...

On JAN 1, 2022 ...

Chris Hedges made the following comment right here on SubStack on the Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast (Episode #54) - go to the 1:08:48 mark ...


"I don't think we're going to stop the pandemic and mutations until everybody gets vaccinated" ...

He could have said it's a personal decision, but he chose to play it safe and stand with big pharma ...

3) Why he suggested "everybody gets vaccinated" when about 2m after making that comment he actually said he "does not trust Moderna or Phizer" ... clearly, this man did not give a hoot about the consequences ... retired journalists who live with one foot in "their" world and only one foot in our world tend to say things like this ...

I have more, but I'll spare you ...

CENSORSHIP - I am here as a creation of the YouTube algorithm ... YT has been blocking and ghosting my carefully researched criticisms of Chris Hedges for the past two years ... and you might ask yourself why ... why would YT shield an avowed anti-corporate independent media figure from criticism? ... you can draw your own conclusions - I know I've drawn mine ...

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A lot of venom in this post....and I'm not surprised the vaccination controversy seems to be at the bottom of it.

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There are one hell of a lot of people on this planet who would never tell another person to walk the plank if they knew better ... but that's exactly what Hedges did here ... didn't you know? ... the average trial period for a vaccine is 10 years and the COVID vax was rushed to market after only one year! ... Hedges knew exactly what he was doing ... he knew about FDA FOIA release, he knew about the unacceptable trial period, he had to see those videos of the vax-injured ... but he recklessly, carelessly, cynically and unnecessarily chose to take sides on this issue anyway ... I used to love Hedges, followed him so very closely for the past 10 years, that it was impossible to NOT notice a dramatic change in him once the lock downs were declared ... Chris Hedges threw the working class under the bus with COVID ...  and after abandoning us on the mandates and passports, he had the audacity to make this comment just 3 months later in his "PIMPS OF WAR" post here on SubStack on April 11, 2022:

"Let us stand up and resist so future generations will at least say ‘they tried.’ We cannot do this alone ... together we have a chance" ... 

And from personal experience, just let me remind you that seeing video footage of vax-injured people is nothing like the experience of seeing it actually happen to someone in your immediate circle!

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A global pandemic is a special case. Waiting 10 years to bring the vaccine to market would have been catastrophic for the world.....I watched the death toll mount around the world on our CBC....and none of the side effects you cite materialized at anywhere near the numbers to out weigh the benefits of the vaccine.

But you folks in America believe in 'free enterprise'...whatever that is...you don't have universal single payer medical care. What's more, your right wingers rail against its existence in Canada... We continue to have more trust in our health authorities, perhaps because none of us are disqualified from health care by our income....and near the end of the pandemic, when things were lifting....there was a study done that found this statistical fact:

Had we done only as well as you capitalists in Amerika, 70,000 more people would have died.

That's a lot of homes left grieving...that we averted by enforcing mandates, encouraging vaccine take up..........AND.....perhaps most important of all, providing a CERB payment of $2000 a month for workers who lost their jobs.

I'm not saying there weren't people who had adverse reactions to the vaccine...but globally they were a fraction of a fraction compared to the deaths from covid.

I'm a bit shocked still to listen to people who fail to understand that misinformation about side effects of the vaccine often assumes correlation when there is none. You can have a heart attack after many medical procedures, for example.....and not establish any causal connection between the two events.

Just like vaccination doesn't prevent me from dying in a car accident....it doesn't guarantee that all my other underlying conditions will disappear.

For most rational people....the benefits of the vaccine far outweighed the risks.....and in the situation we faced, eliminating all risk was impossible. That realization might make your new hatred for Hedges.........and your angry determination to cast him out from the circle of Truth Tellers, seem extreme.

He disagreed with you. But so do many of us vaccinated people. My partner and I are vaccinated....and boostered. WE both got covid this spring....it was like a bad cold/flu, with this distinction: The lassitude and lack of energy after lasted about 6 weeks.

Even vaccinated, it has a kick. But we're still alive and able to support our 6 grandchildren. Thanks in large part to a 'rushed vaccine rollout."

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The benefits of the vaccine DO NOT outweigh the risks!

I challenge you to read the work of any of the following hands-on independent COVID experts right here on Substack:

- Former Phizer Exec Karen Kingston

- Dr Ana Milhacea MD PhD

- Vaxxed and now anti-vax activist Steve Kirsch

All of these people are attracting increasing numbers of followers because more people are waking up ... read Dr Ana's newsletter first ... and the rushed vax roll-out is still one of the most reliable indications of their intention to inflict harm on us ... didn't you know big-pharma was granted legal immunity against injured vax recipients?

Chris Hedges gave the vax a THUMBS-UP when he knew better ... clearly, he knew but did not give a hoot about the consequences ... Mr Hedges has a spouse, a family and ideological soul mates, but anyone outside of his immediate circle is now fair game, including his followers ... the globalists are brilliant and I continue to be amazed at how easily they've managed to turn us against each other ... Hedges won't tell you the problem is COVID tyranny ... no, no, no ... ya see, the problem is actually Trump and MAGA ...

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I don't visit any of the conspiracy sites....or pseudo medical experts dissing the vaccine.

I trust our health officials and work against parties that spread hate against doctors and nurses. Period.


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You do not and cannot possibly know for a fact that the people I mentioned are illegitimate ...

You're just hoping they are ...

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"Crucifixion"? Come on, Chris, that's way over the top.

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