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The problem started when the MBA's were allowed into the university's administrations, replacing the senior academics who actually ran the schools. They're the ones that turned the academy into a corporation and the top admins were happy to go along with the program because it meant big salaries and opportunities to hire friends and relatives.

It used to be that professors would rotate through positions like the Dean of their school or division. Now they hire a Dean, a Vice Dean, an Associate Dean, and a few Assistant Deans, and maybe a Deputy Dean for good measure.

The result has been this huge administrative bloat, like your examples above from Rutgers.

I believe almost all of the massive increases in tuition over the past couple of decades has come from the need to fund all of these expensive administrators. Why does Rutgers need two chancellors making almost a million each?

Keeping the workers desperate is also a good way to suppress dissent, which seems to be the number one goal of the elites at the moment. It's hard to be radical when your employment is so precarious.

doG help us for we are truly screwed.

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Freddie DeBoer wrote: in late stage capitalism we’ve created a culture where it is widely understood that you cannot earn enough money to live.

What happened to the left? Why are they fooling around with all this equity stuff: why did they abdicate? (The rapacious, right never cared.)

Put it to a test. Ask anyone: do you want equity or do you want more money so you could live with dignity? I think the answer will be unanimous.

Equity is a luxury belief floated to distract us from the real problem: people don’t earn enough.

The University is lefty, educators and lefty administrators funded by right wing oligarchs, who, together can’t see fit to pay a living wage for teachers. Pay $80 - 100k and structure the institution around that: duh! Even better, the president of Rutgers is a labour historian, what a colossal asshole.

A fucking child can figure this out.

Francis Bacon:

“ Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not and a sense of humour to console him for what he is”

Really as I think back I realize many of my university professors were stupid.

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They spend buckets and carts of money on sports. And they suck at them! Lol...might as well set the money on fire. Might keep some of their teachers warm at least.

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Apr 26, 2023·edited Apr 26, 2023

Chris Hedges has been repelled by hard news since the March 2020 lock-downs when he threw the working class under the bus with COVID ... his trademark has since become his tendency to always avoid the issues of tyranny that are right in our face ... and the photo here of him seizing the opportunity to appear with a protester really infuriated me ... when the lockdowns were declared, he refused to stand with the working class against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports ... on this topic he has only said: "it's a tough decision" ... and then he brazenly took sides with big pharma just one month after the explosive court-ordered FDA FOIA release:

On DEC 2, 2021 ...

The FDA was compelled by a court ruling to release Phizer's internal vax data that revealed 1,223 post-jab deaths and 34,762 adverse events in the first 10 weeks of its trial ... The FDA attempted to delay the full release of this data for 75 years!

On JAN 1, 2022 ... 

Chris Hedges made the following comment right here on SubStack on the Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast (Episode #54) - go to the 1:08:48 mark ...


"I don't think we're going to stop the pandemic and mutations until everybody gets vaccinated" ...

Chris Hedges DID NOT have to take sides on this issue ... he could have said it's a personal decision, but he chose to play it safe and recklessly stand with big pharma ... his worshipers continue to describe him as an activist when that term no longer applies, not since the lock-downs ... he's now a retired activist and a "straddler" ... he's got one foot in "their" world and only one foot in our world ... People just don't understand what happens to journalists once they break into the big-money ... the pseudo-progs like Hedges, Krystal Ball, Briahna Joy-Gray and Katie Halper now all make way too much money to be trusted ... they all narrow the scope of their commentary in fear of being demonetized ... they spend more time studying social media analytics as they become increasingly predictable ... when the Dollar loses its status as the world reserve currency, bet the ranch that Chris Hedges will host a discussion on the War of 1812 ...  

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