MIT provides this database of modest livable wages. They are calculated n’y metro areas and household size. They bear no relation to the pay being offered. Without unions to fight for workers, thèse living wages will continue to be ignored. https://livingwage.mit.edu

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I woke up this morning to The Guardian and this editorial. I wonder how many people might die if it appeared in The Miami Herald or the NYT.


Better than Bulgaria but not as nice as Cuba

I wonder if there are limits on Press freedom. We are having an election and it is a terrible to pay price to have a free press. In Quebec the Press must censor itself and the press wants to know our most intimate secrets.

Like, whether our Provincial Prime Minister is feigning Alzheimer's or is really senile. He is nine years my junior and I am not totally sure of myself.

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Yes, Chris, "Strike, Strike, Strike" is "Right, Right, Right" because there can be no "Cooperation without Representation" --- which means that "The Quiet American Empire" is a virtual monopoly of power only 'posing' as this Vichy facade of being a duopoly of faux-parties --- both of which are nothing but a quickly metastasizing cancer of EMPIRE.

BTW, I commented yesterday in your alma mater that "these 'TIMES' they are a-changing" with respect to whether "the long arc of history was curving" toward, or away, from any progressive thinking in the 'media-Empire', and wrote:

Quite honestly, IMHO, trying to sort out any of these 'Big Lies' seems to be in the eyes of the beholders.

However, the only hopeful thoughts that I have are reflected in the various double-sided demonstration signs which have evolved over many years of tortured, or possibly insightful, social political-economic thinking — which I have hopefully done justice to:





and on the other path or side:




All of which only leads me to one simple confidence, that the first to choose violence, will lose.

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*calculated by

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