Dear English,

Through centuries your poets pondered

One sweet word that none could rhyme

The lovely ORANGE a fruit most luscious

Had them beating round the bushes

Parsley sage rosemary time

Not one word could they pair with it

(Like D'anjou pear with camembert)

Though its fragrance all could savor

Nothing could enhance its flavor

Not one adjective would dare

To describe the mellow color

Or the ways they’re put to use

In duck l'orange and fancy salads

They’ve been ghosted from our ballads

Though we love to drink their juice.

Painters pose ‘em into still-lifes

Museum patrons look up to

But writers lack vocabulary

Nought in their rhyming dictionary

Orange can hook-up to

After all their futile effort

Poets just gave up on orange

But Hark! I think... wait for it...

This is too rare, you can't ignore it


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All the investigative journalists have been replaced by entertainment reporters. It's a rough rocket to be in, when the nation goes dictator. The oligarchs fear intellectuals and journalists more than armed idiots, that can be controlled and directed, with a few pennies.

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The MSM bootlickers and toadies sleep safe, knowing that they will never utter so much as a syllable that would displease their masters.

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In colonized Canadian the MSM is collapsing and a whole lot of "journalists" are losing their jobs. A colonized country that stands for nothing has nothing much to say.

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Chris, I just wrote this advice to your alma mater:

“The Quiet American” EMPIRE can only be defeated through Strategy, Democratic Socialism, and LOVE.

While the deadly seminal logic of making billions by employing camouflaged Negative Externality Costs to make dirty faux-profits is working fabulously well in many sectors of the weapons, oil, and propagandist industries of this predatory capitalist system of “The Quiet American” duopoly Empire — all the Costs are endured by the people.

Whereas an intelligent, supportive, Anti-Empire, and honest employment of Loving use of Positive Externality Profits for the People would surely be constructive rather than destructive.

The double-sided, ad-hoc, focus-group tested, and highly favorable demonstration signs which I employ daily in Portland Maine and Portsmouth NH. simply say:









along with many others










Alan MacDonald

Wells, Maine

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This is hot stuff. Seems that G. Orwell got it right. I would expect this sort of stuff in North Korea, China, even Russia, not in the UK. Silly me!

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Jul 12, 2023·edited Jul 13, 2023

I’m tempted to blame capitalism and the rise and fall of the empire for the extreme oligarchic paranoia being acted upon in Julian’s persecution. Of course it’s not just Julian. The US, Israel, and Ukraine, just to name a few, have all become so completely propagandized they’ve become mentally ill. These populations are ethically and morally broken. These peoples have chosen sacrificial victims: Julian, the Palestinians, Russian speaking Ukrainians. These choices are completely irrational. Which is exactly what capitalism does. Has to do. Capitalism requires somebody to be the fall guy. But, the social demand for a sacrificial victim goes deeper, and is scarier. We are facing potential political and environmental catastrophes. Instead of throwing the oil executives into prison, which would be the rational thing to do, we’re indulging in irrational, cruel and empty, symbolic acts, which achieve nothing. Which is the scary part. Is Julian and his truth telling the harbinger of our ending. Are we doomed.

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Julian is our seminal moment, our epoch, defined entirely by our collective servility. Not only is he wrongly imprisoned, held using an ancient and much misused piece of cynical legislation, he’s also being murdered institutionally by the US/UK governments and they love every moment of their grand majore.

As we continue to fail Julian we continue to fail our collective selves. Ultimately, the price we all will eventually come to pay will be multitudes higher than even what Julian has and will pay, likely with his life. Our collective impotence in the face of this injustice is the catalyst for what’s to come as we stand and watch and do almost nothing to take back what’s ours to begin with. Power.

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Thank you for supporting Julian Assange. This is a travesty of justice and I've always felt that if he were American, this case would've been handled with more leniency. Legally, all the newspapers that published his documents should be just as culpable. The U.S. is trying to kill the messenger and this is an affront to all journalistic ethics, but then the journalism in many U.S. sectors has always cow towed and been influenced by partisanship, the all mighty dollar and bad actors. The home of the brave isn't courageous enough to stand up for the truth.

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Cities and thrones and powers,

Stand in time's eye,

Almost as long as flowers,

Which daily die:

But, as new buds put forth

To glad new men,

Out of the spent and unconsidered


The Cities rise again."

Rudyard Kipling, Cities and Thrones and Powers,1922







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One of the lamest hatchet jobs was Jill Lepore’s review of Snowdon’s bio in the New Yorker a few years ago. A 3-page attempt to discredit his credibility because he wasn’t a senior intelligence pro like Ellsberg and was hooked on video gaming as an adolescent. Condé Nast is not a serious journalistic organ…

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