From where I sit it is too easy to blame the small percentage of real fascists for an action that has been a very long time in the making and which in all probability is only supported by the elites because it has been such a successful means for keeping ordinary amerikans divided among themselves and not united in anger at the exploitation of all of them by elites.

Democrat pols are just as responsible for this as any rethug arse. Abortion rights have served as a way to keep women supporting a party whose adherence to the greedy demands of the elites would otherwise have caused them to shun the dems long ago.

In fact within a day of this coming out the DNC sent a mass email over Pelosi's handle asking for a $15 donation so that they can campaign against the supreme court in November. Ha! In early 2008 Obama is on record as saying that the passage of a bill codifying Roe v Wade would be his first act as prez. He won with a super-majority (filibuster proof) and then said "Roe v Wade was not a legislative priority".

He then deliberately failed to get a dem nominee on scotus in the vain hope that would force women to back the unelectable H. Clinton. That gave the rethugs 3! count 'em three! scotus picks 2016 to 2020 which the dems allowed to sail through the senate pretty much unimpeded - now they claim they were deceived, if you believe that, I've got a Nigerian prince who reckons you're the bees knees so he wants to give you a couple billion after his dad's estate is settled.

Creepy joe biden made a pretty much identical claim to Obama prior to his 2020 election then he did nothing. Heck he could do something now if he really wanted to, get rid of the filibuster then force the dem recalcitrants into line LBJ style but he won't do that, cause the pope may not let him kiss the ring any more. They have a majority in both houses & the whitehouse now as they have done since 2020 yet the dems do nothing other than renewing the lie that they will after the next election. Yeah right, they are gonna get their arses handed to 'em in november so that aint gonna happen, even if they did somehow by some miracle keep hold of both houses we already know what they will do about abortion - same as they always have, that is NOTHING!

The dems knew this was coming thanks to the leak but they did nothing because they actually wanted this to happen cos they imagine that it will give them something to campaign off of and raise money over. They are actually trying to use their unconscionable incompetence as a motivator to win back some mid-term votes, when the reason they are gonna get their arses kicked this November is that they haven't kept any promises - not a single one.

Even now Pelosi and the rest of the dem hacks including the fraud squad are going down to Texas to campaign for Henry Cuellar who is being primaried by a progressive. Cuellar is a dyed in the wool anti-abortionist just like joe biden.

If Pelosi wants to bring a change, why does she work so hard for the enemies of change?

Fall for it if you want, it sure reinforces the belief in the rest of the world that the average amerikan is just too stupid to live.

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Democrats have been far too permissive of Republican encroachment on civil liberties and abortion rights up until now. Making women wait for days and listen to heartbeats has already made abortion access prohibitive in many states. Evolution, another accepted part of science, has been successfully attacked in ways I’d never have imagined. George Lakoff explained how they were already reframing these issues in 2004, when Bush was in office. He laid out clearly what Democrats needed to do. I guess rather than fighting them, they joined them.

It sounds like many are now aware how the Democrats just use this issue to wrangle voters to a dying party. When I was a kid in the 80s, I wondered why the dems didn’t keep fighting for an ERA, but of course, by then, they had already been infiltrated by Republicans like HRC. She’s never been a feminist. A feminist would not attack the sexual victims of her husband; she would leave him. A feminist would not have manipulated evidence and destroyed a girl to save a client who was clearly guilty of abuse. Lawyers are expected to advocate for their client, but they are not required to betray basic ethics to get them off. A feminist would not push to arm violent religious extremists who want to turn women into chattel slaves, which they did, in order to overthrow a secular government.

Whatever Qaddafi’s faults, women had rights in his Libya. What HRC didn’t like about him is what the state department doesn’t like about Chavez, Lula, etc, which is that they refuse to be subservient to US/UK corporate greed. And now, she and Pelosi and all the other Democrats have sold the women of this country up the river to serve those same corporate interests, who also donate heavily to Republicans for tax breaks, while running PR campaigns about supporting LGBTQ and women’s rights.

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Chris, fabulously accurate column. The Christian Fascists may well be willingly propagandized and pressured into actually believing this crap, but it is, IMHO, the ‘clear-eyed’ Empiricists at the top of the deceitful power & wealth pyramid who can only be unseated by the far greater power of Love.

LOVE v. EMPIRE — is the path.

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My takeaway from Mr. Hedges excellent essay, the death cult we call the elites desire to take people's freedom worker rights quality of life ect from the masses could not have found more fertile ground than this country's evangelical christians. I'd be good with letting the Living Word Of God decide on all things but as the great writer of this article teaches us, the righteous end up dead and the filthy march on. Thank you Chris dang you can write.

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Jun 30, 2022·edited Jun 30, 2022

Not sure where to start with my disagreements to this article. Perhaps it would have been better for Chris (whom I very much admire and respect) to define what he considers fascism to be. From where I stand, I see fascism as all things subordinate to the State, and the active collusion of State and Corporate power. To me, a once life long Democrat and humanist (25 years working in Africa, Latin America, ME, South Asia), I see all the evidence of fascism on the Left. The most pernicious example of this is the allegiance of the social media mega-corporations to the Leftist program of the Democratic party. This would be Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg contributing $400 million to elect Biden, and actively using the platform to purge right wing, conservative, or anti-establishment speech. This would be Bloomberg owning a media empire and contibuting $500 million to the election. This would be Amazon de-platforming right conservatives platforms, while Bezos owns the Washington Post and Amazon gains billions in government military contracts. This would be Twitter de-platforming the NY Post story on Biden's laptop, despite being true; and collaborating actively, and taking direction form, the department of homeland security; and in general the allegiance of the progressive left-leaning US medias subservience to the Security agencies of the US government. The evangelicals I know don't want to take over government, they want to be left alone. They don't want cultural ideology forced upon them by government or the courts, they want a small government, and the reject Statist power resoundingly.

Perhaps, if I see an unholy alliance between the Left, big business, and government, and Chris sees an unholy alliance between the Right, big business, and the Government; at least we can be assured that there is an unholy alliance between corporate and state power; and that in the end it will not be a left/right issue, but a top/bottom issue- and those on the bottom, either left or Right, will suffer, and those at the top, both left and right, will prosper, and state and corporates power unite to extract wealth form the bottom and transfer it to the top. The personal net wealth of Nancy Pelosi on the one hand ($100 million plus) and Mitch McConnel on the other ($150 million and counting) suggests this is the more accurate reading. Oh, and by the way, the pro-Life movement spent 50 years working to reverse a court edict that removed power from the voting population. I'd love to see the Left work 50 years to enact state and federal rights to bodily autonomy and medical freedom, for all people, in all circumstances. However, I'm not holding my breath...

Chris, how do you see the allegiance of major cultural institutions like NYTimes, CNN, WaPo to a Leftist ideology, plus their lockstep allegiance to the Democratic party, plus their lockstep allegiance to the USA Security state, as anything other than an example of the fusion of cultural ideology, corporate, and state power? Isn't this is pretty much the definition of Facism?

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Piketty, I oft use a metaphorical thread similar to your insights:

Accepting the teachings of Jesus is entirely focused on the power of LOVE, which I believe at least Lennon believed -- although not so sure on Lenin.

My current & newest ad-hoc focus-group tested demonstration signs take the same "path least traveled":




Lennon, might have smiled at a one word change to his song:

Imagine there's no EMPIRE,

it's easy if you try

No hell beneath us,

above us only sky

As far as the Israelis and others are concerned with a moral and ethical path, I have written this since 2007:

Yes, AIPAC accomplishes precisely the inverse of the noble purpose it claims to serve--to protect the people of Israel--and is instead a great danger to the people of Israel through its singular focus on the unsustainable and inevitably sorrowful strategy of militarist Empire. But AIPAC is neither the only nor the worst deceiver and denier of the aspirations of peoples whom it claims to speak for. That title of champion guileful mis-guider and destroyer of people's democratic purpose is the corporate global Empire, which has metastasized from an initial tumor in the United States itself (although it shows no nationalism nor patriotism) and which can best be described as the Empire behind the curtain of "Vichy America."

Just as AIPAC disregards the real interests of the people of Israel in favor of its own agenda of militant imperialism, so the domestic-grown pathology of the US-centered corporate/financial Empire even more contemptuously and arrogantly disregards the democratic and peaceful interests of all Americans and displaces their dreams with its own sordid nightmare of global domination by force of arms and economic exploitation under the false flag of "Vichy America."

At the end of the day, it needs to be understood that the global corporatist Empire which hides behind the facade of "Vichy America" is the heart of the destructive unitive Empire that "the lobby" lobbies."

Since my 2007 criticism of AIPAC's undue and FALSE viewpoint in claiming to speak for any majority of Jews, I have further thought that from the humanist and empathetic 'democracy thinking' of the majority of Israeli and American working-class citizens, that "it's hard to imagine, in this very modern 21st century, that we are still looking toward the end of the last of tribal 'empire-thinking'.

We are a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial, even post-racial, sectarian, mixing-pot-world of democracies on a small fragile planet --- and yet, we are still not beyond the danger of existential death at the hands of ancient and irrelevant tribal 'empire-thinking'.

As only Kurt Vonnegut's sense of ironic black humor might envision, "It is as if the whole human race was about to sit down to a celebratory picnic for successfully reaching our 21st century, when we are all unexpectedly killed by one remaining giant dinosaur."

The last people in the world who should want to stay in (or ever promote) a world of tribalism, are the Muslims and Jews ---- based on how they have been abused by various nationalist and other modern "-ism" Empires.

Fighter pilots have a saying that, "speed is life". But, for all the rest of us, "inclusiveness is life" --- and tribalism is death by the oldest lie of empire.

Racism is another deadly old lie of empire, as is aggressively fundamentalist religion.

Nationalism is a somewhat newer lie of empire, proving particularly deadly in the 20th century.

While, economic ideology is the newest, and current, lie of empire (which is causing our economic and environmental collapse).

But all the lies and deceptions of "empire-thinking" lead ineluctably to the very same grave --- so choose your empire poison, stupidly. Or choose your inclusiveness, wisely.

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Chris, the NY ‘Times’ seems to be blocking this “War Ginning” information:

IMHO, “Fight Like Hell” is the ‘call code word’ for the possible involvement of any alt-right coup d’état attempt by portions of the U. S. military.

While this might well seem hyperbolic, even paranoid, the media’s apparent ‘messaging’ this week, particularly by former Admiral James Stavridis, former SACEUR NATO, and current Managing Director of the global weapons investment firm the Carlyle Group’s involvement in the Defense Industry, qua. “Merchants of Death”, seems to be predicated/signalling the terms and conditions of eliminating the weaker of the three current, but conflicted possible Empires.

Admiral James Stavridis’s near saturation broadcasting of the “seven times greater” troop levels of ships, sailors, aircraft, pilots, special services, and other weapons from the ‘four minute NPR’ radio ‘messaging’ regrading his position as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization nations prepare to meet this week in Madrid presents shockingly provocative fodder with respect to being ‘War inducing’.

Admiral’s Quote: trying to down play his own words, “The War Plans are very specific”

The full transcript to the Admiral’s broadcast message should be considered akin to Hearst’s message in 1898; “Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

But in this case on 6/29/2022, Stavridis seems to be saying, “Please remain. You furnish the radio broadcast and I’ll furnish the war.”

There has ‘So Far’ been no transcript released by NPR, but the Admiral’s speech is still available at NPR:


Adm. Stravidis’s audio should be clicked on the 4minute and 54 second NPR interview!

You may want to listen more than once to understand his use of Trump’s “We’ve got to fight like hell” and reference of “War Plans”

Is anyone in the ‘Anti-War’ or ‘Anti-Empire’ community awake to this obvious “Quiet American” War and Empire plan??

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Jun 30, 2022·edited Jun 30, 2022

Another comment: Could it possibly be, that a bunch of Men in 1787, who recently won a lopsided and unlikely war against an imperial power, where everyday armed citizens formed the core of the rebellion, would have enshrined a right to keep and bear arms? And could it be that said congregation of Men, in thinking of important and central rights of citizens, neglected to enshrine a right for women to have an abortion? And that until those rights are changed by legislatures, they remain the law of the land, and that the letter of the law requires that the right to bear arms remain in place until changed by the specified means of changing it (a constitutional amendment) and that the woman's right to an abortion remain stillborn, so to speak, until passed into law by elected representatives? If we acknowledge that we are not in 1787, and that the law needs updating, then isn't upon us to effect this updating? And if we find that we are not in the majority, and unable to pass such laws, then doesn't behoove us to change the minds of those with whom we disagree? Or perhaps consider that we are in the minority, and likely to remain so, perhaps because there is a glimmer of merit on the side of those with whom we disagree? And might we not inquire as to what that minuscule glimmer of merit is amongst those whom we oppose, and find ourselves defeated by? In short, might we not strive to understand the merits of those we disagree with? I respectfully submit, that while more difficult than throwing around a scary memes such as "Christian Fascists" and allusions to Nazi Germany, it might actually prove more rewarding in the end. For your consideration...

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YES, --- Right-on against this damned Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal Children-Killing & War-Starting EMPIRE, controlled by the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWI, <0.003%ers, TCCers, arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe", and "Evil (not-so) Geniuses" [Kurt Andersen] — which hides Empire behind their totally corrupted dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy.

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Text is as usual interesting but warning – don’t watch video. Russian prisoners with freshly cut throats by Ukrainian Nazis whose salaries are now paid by US taxpayers.


Corrupt war criminal Biden and his war party cabal declared that the highest domestic threat is -- white supremacy -- while supporting Ukraine Nazis in his proxy war against capitalist Russia

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I read this article this morning then found his wgbh forum q&a on The Farewell Tour, and it's exactly a deep dive on this. I highly suggest it for a more engaging view on the development of this article

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So is the answer to fight these fascists with Authoritarianism? Or is the answer to find common ground on economic issues and work together while agreeing to disagree on the identity politics?

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