I was a blue collar left labor activist for 25+ years before going back to school, including theology grad school. I was also a local Dem campaign mgr. in the days when that party still had a real rank and file. I fought the center-right unfriendly take over when the New Deal was ditched and the working class majority abandoned. The rightward push of these "Ds" enabled the Rs to go full on fascist.

I'm totally disgusted by the neolib-neocon unipolar party and their desire for power and control. A sociopathic war profiteering cabal that benefits by sick socio-econ structures. Where devastated communities and destroyed ecosystems are dismissed as mere externalities. Why are we forced by 1%ers to live this way? Simple. They sponsor both parties. One of which has the audacity to campaign as "the lesser of two evils" as if this were enough for us irrelevant peasants. The other, an unholy amalgam of Christofascists and econopaths, is even worse.

Of course I'll work for any ticket with Brother Cornel West on it! As my Wobbly grandfather would have said, AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL.

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Damn I wish he had a chance, but I am sooo glad to see his hat in the ring... and with him and RFK Jr, there are at least TWO awesome candidates...better than in a LOOOONG time.

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Bernie Sanders IS Dick Cheney...Ned Beaty is Donald Trump...AI is on the way for nurture giving way to nature...TRUTH. The working class will never be free until truth prevails. The environment is the greatest problem we face!

Wikileaks is great, always has been. Wikileaks IS data via the Russian leadership that has had to combat Radio Free Europe in conjunction with a long history of a domineering American/Western economic system, that Dr. Cornel West is again making another great lead to confront.

Cornel West is great. I would vote for him.

I am an American.

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I am Canadian. I am autistic and I speak to robots. They do not understand good and evil. They do not evolve without human design. The study of evolution is the root of all science we are always just beginning.

Design is a religious belief there is no design in the Universe there was no big bang there just always was.

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Why the People's Party, not the Green Party?

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They can't seem to unite. Damn shame. Don't know why.

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Thank you for this interesting report. I have always embraced candidates that can shame the establishment and raise the level of social consciousness to a new height. Hopefully his message reaches the masses.

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I would like to see Cornell West run as a Democrat. The Democrat party and of course the Republican party both need drastic changes. Reaganomics which is neoliberalism paved the road for the fascists. We must all unite to vote for the best candidate who has a chance of winning. I would rather vote for Cornell West then that phony Biden Democrat, who has allowed the right wing globalist corporations and rich to transfer about 50 trillion dollars in tax breaks, the last 45 years. That is not counting how much capitalist healthcare has cost us, or free trade, or immigration, or trickle down, or off shore banking, or corporate welfare, or bank bailouts, or interest on the national debt, or tax money going to religions... I suspect over 100 trillion dollars the last 60 years. With the right wing hate radio, they want to be autocrats and are blaming the far left who the Democrat party does not even represent. The Democrat party became the Republican party in the mid-1980s and the Republican party became the Nazi party about that time, in my humble opinion, yet blamed for all the social ills. It will only get worse with a dictatorship. The rich are not racist. They will transform America into a third world nation in no time.

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The DNC is too corrupt to allow Cornel to win the primary, just as with Bernie. The Republican party is probably more likely, ironically enough, to allow him to be their nominee?

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I fear neoliberalism more than Fascism. I think the Ministry of Truth has its share of Orthodox Dissenters in the words of the Toleration Act of 1689 that made the British Empire fully democratic. Even at the College of William and Mary democracy reigned supreme.

Here in Canada the not with standing closed it don't matter what the constitution says this is an emergency . I trust democracy the Ontario Prime Minister's attempt to use the not with standing clause boosted the approval of the Federal government throughout Canada and politically from social democratic British Columbia to fascist Alberta.

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Powerful stuff. He has tremendous courage to talk about Israel - the third rail of American politics. .I would have liked to hear his stand on the covid totalitarianism ( and irrationality) we just lived through for 3 years. ( remember double masking? Masking outdoors?). I would have liked to hear more about free speech too. I believe Cornel was pretty reasonable about covid but I would have liked to hear something about respecting Choice as to whether you get a bunch of mrna shots or not.

How about a Robert F Kennedy - Cornel West ticket?

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Very well read, Eunice, as usual, but with a special touch this time. Thank you. You really rose to the occasion.

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I recently joined the Board of the ad hoc committee for imprisoned political prisoner Leonard Peltier. In researching previous petitions in support of Leonard Peltier, I found that none of them came close to reaching 100,000 signatures. To my knowledge, the 3.6 million Indigenous population has not come together in total behind a specific issue until now.

Since Leonard Peltier is up for parole in 2024 AND Joe Biden is running for office again in 2024, the formation of a constituency of Indigenous voters becomes essential as a tool to gain freedom for Leonard. The possibility of organizing the 500 plus Tribes to go door to door collecting physical signatures in support of his release would break new ground. At the same time, people would be given handouts containing the facts of Leonard’s case and the inconsistencies that have been present since the beginning as well as a fact sheet on specific issues of human rights violations and genocide in their own area. If we can successfully organize at least one million signatures and send that to the White House and Congress, we have the opportunity to move the mountain in Leonard’s favor.

Individual groups of members of the American Indian Movement or AIM and other Indigenous groups would be mobilized to take action. There is no substitute for moccasins on the ground here. Tribes will make announcements to their residents in advance of people canvassing neighborhoods that this is happening so that residents will not be fearful of who is knocking at their door. Vehicles will be identified with posters to announce who is visiting and the purpose of their visit.

Given the anniversary of the Battle of Little BigHorn on June 25th and the anniversary of the shootout on the Jumping Bull Ranch on June 26th, this is the time to begin collecting signatures. We can ask Kili Radio on Pine Ridge and all of the other Native radio stations to conduct interviews letting people know this is happening. It is Pow Wow and Sun Dance season and both are great places to collect signatures as people living off the Rez come back to the reservation for ceremony.

We would begin with freeing Leonard and the crimes against humanity perpetrated against Indigenous people. Hopefully this example would inspire the Black community to organize a similar effort to free Mumia Abu-Jamal and other political prisoners.

I encourage anyone who is interested to read NYTimes columnist Charles Blow’s inspiring book, “The Devil You Know.” NPR calls it a ‘Black Power Manifesto.’ It certainly showed me the importance of organizing within political districts and how much can be accomplished from proper analysis before taking action.

College credit could be given out to students from both communities who collect signatures. A friend of mine is working with a group active in rescinding the Doctrine of Discovery. They fund a project each year and she asked me to submit a proposal to see if we could be their project of choice for this year. This way, gas money and a stipend would be available to compensate people for their time.

Both Cornel West and Robert Kennedy Jr. talk about the plight of Indigenous prisoners. Time to get off the sofa and walk our talk.

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I am grateful that Cornel West and Robert Kennedy Jr. are in the running. Let's all stop carping and get out to support them.

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Yes, well said. The empire wants us to fight amongst ourselves instead of uniting. I had to leave the so called Left because it refused to work with anyone on the so called Right. These labels are meaningless and so is the infighting.

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GOOD luck! Bon courage!

BEST wishes from


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We're thrilled he's running! I'll be curious to see if Bernie dares keep his mouth shut about this. But it is a damn shame that the Peoples Party couldn't have united with the Green Party.

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Jun 6, 2023·edited Jun 6, 2023

Two questions:

1) Who would be his best running mate?

2) What can he expect to accomplish, given that he cannot possibly get the nomination?

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Jun 5, 2023·edited Jun 5, 2023

Chris Hedges and Cornel West are great talkers.

But what have they ever done?

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If an attempt at clever snark, ha ha. Few people have done more than these two. But it sounds more like you didn't actually bother to read the piece. Your question is answered in detail there. Or you might try to read something of (gasp) book length--both are accomplished authors; what have they done explained in full in their many books. No armchair analysts they--both have been activists for many decades. Both have worked directly with the poor and marginalized.

While certainly not of their stature, so have I. What have you ever done?

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Chris Hedges explains the problems over and over ad nauseum.

But never comes up with a solution.

Other than YOU should have a revolution.

He is too much of a doomer and gloomer for me.

Sorry Rafi.

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Jun 6, 2023·edited Jun 6, 2023


First thing labor union, civil rights, anti-war, Native, ecology and political change movements do is explain why. The how comes after enough people are willing to act in their own best interests. It's not just top down from remote authority to us lessers. I know because I've been doing this stuff since 1960.

As for Chris H., can't you understand the determined commitment and intense love he has? If he thought it were hopeless, he wouldn't be an activist. He tells the truth, and that ain't pretty. Again, we're up against Empire, but as he well knows, Caesar, the colonialists, and the Robber Barons didn't prevail. Would you rather have some New Age-ish whyte lite 'n' luv saccharine feel-good political promises?

Are you saying he has to re-design the entire econ-political system before you'll give him any props? Please explain where there is a useful, workable alternative. Consider this from the NT Acts 4: 32-35--"...No one claimed any possession was their own; they shared everything they had. ... "There were no needy among them, for as many as had houses and lands sold them, bringing the proceeds and laying them at the feet of the apostles. Who gave to each as any had need." An inspiration for socialists. And dear to my heart, proto Wobbly style decentralized co-ops. You bet Hedges and West know these passages by heart.

So again, I ask you: What have you done?

PS--You do realize this is about Brother Cornel and not about Chris, don't you?

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There is a lot of hope in Brother Cornel's Jar. Brother Chris banished Pandora's Jar a decade ago.

If Brother Chris announced he was running I would know the end is nigh.

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The story of Jonah is my favourite Biblical Allegory.

I know Mr Hobbes had no clue when he wrote Leviathan.

John Locke had some understanding.

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Here ya go Dennis ...

Here's a post I made on his May 28 piece on Matt Taibbi ...

He went soft with the lock-downs ... just not the same guy, not an activist, just an actor ...


Tell Hedges to get the hell off his sanctimonious soapbox ...

In this article he mentions the "three steps to destroying a reporter who can’t be bought off or intimidated" ... there was a time when I placed Chris Hedges in that club, but not anymore ... he's made a number of statements since the MAR '20 lock-downs which strongly suggest that if not bought-off, he has at least allowed himself to be intimidated into a state of selective silence ...

I've found his positions on the following issues to be real head-scratchers:

DIVISIVENESS - He's always been quick to point out the divisiveness among us, but in his recent May 20 piece on the TRUMP-RUSSIA CONSPIRACY THEORY, he chose to reach deep into his bag of wedge issues to deviously resurrect Trump and MAGA ... Hedges is actually a retired activist since the lockdowns ... he is now repelled by hard news and desperately clings to politically safe issues just to maintain his place in the independent media food chain ... and he will resort to divisive rhetoric whenever it suits him ...

In his otherwise terrific 2021 AMERICAN SADISM speech, he brazenly revealed his disdain for those of us who now openly question the motives and tactics of our elected officials ... at the 44:57 mark, he made the following extremely divisive comment ... he said the loss of the elite's credibility "has given rise to spontaneous groups, as well as the LUNATIC FRINGE that embraces conspiracy theories such as Q-ANON" ...


I happen to believe that 9/11 was an inside job, so does that make me a member of his lunatic fringe? ... well guess what, Chris Hedges is actually on record as saying as much ... after a 2014 speech, he was asked to comment on 9/11 and insulted our collective intelligence by saying "I don't want to get into conspiracy theories ... Bush was probably just asleep at the wheel" ... 

ACCOUNTABILITY - I'd like Chris Hedges to explain why:

1) He refused to stand with the working class against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports ... on this topic he has only said: "it's a tough decision" ...

2) Why he brazenly took sides with big pharma to deftly push the "safe & effective" narrative on us just one month after the explosive FDA FOIA release:

On DEC 2, 2021 ...

The FDA was compelled by a court ruling to release Phizer's internal vax data that revealed 1,223 post-jab deaths and 34,762 adverse events in the first 10 weeks of its trial ... The FDA attempted to delay the full release of this data for 75 years!

And then, just 30 days later ...

On JAN 1, 2022 ...

Chris Hedges made the following comment right here on SubStack on the Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast (Episode #54) - go to the 1:08:48 mark ...


"I don't think we're going to stop the pandemic and mutations until everybody gets vaccinated" ...

He could have said it's a personal decision, but he chose to play it safe and stand with big pharma ...

3) Why he suggested "everybody gets vaccinated" when about 2m after making that comment he actually said he "does not trust Moderna or Phizer" ... clearly, this man did not give a hoot about the consequences ... retired journalists who live with one foot in "their" world and only one foot in our world tend to say things like this ...

I have more, but I'll spare you ...

CENSORSHIP - I am here as a creation of the YouTube algorithm ... YT has been blocking and ghosting my carefully researched criticisms of Chris Hedges for the past two years ... and you might ask yourself why ... why would YT shield an avowed anti-corporate independent media figure from criticism? ... you can draw your own conclusions - I know I've drawn mine ...

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I admit I've not followed closely Chris' pandemic response. I am a fired essential worker for not getting the clot shots and was profoundly disappointed by the lack of support from my Progressive friends. But I remain open to people discovering their way out of the fiercest propaganda campaign I've ever seen. We need to unite instead of fight and Chris has a proven history of fighting back. He was willing to lose his job too and for that I'll stick with him.

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Yes Bao, but he chose to stand down 3 years ago when things really got dicey ...

He chose to NOT fight back with the working class against the illegal and unconstitutional mandates and passports ... this is in fact, the fight of our lives - and he knows it!

There are one hell of a lot of people on this planet who would never tell another person to walk the plank if they knew better ... but that's exactly what Hedges did in that interview with K&K ... didn't you know? ... the average trial period for a vaccine is 10 years and the COVID vax was rushed to market after only one year! ... Hedges knew exactly what he was doing ... he knew about FDA FOIA release, he knew about the unacceptable trial period, he had to see those videos of the vax-injured ... but he recklessly, carelessly, cynically and unnecessarily chose to take sides on this issue anyway ... I used to love Hedges, followed him so very closely for the past 10 years, that it was impossible to NOT notice a dramatic change in him once the lock downs were declared ... Chris Hedges threw the working class under the bus with COVID ... and you can bet the ranch he knew the risks ... that's why he continues to glue himself to the Assange case at the expense of the more pressing issues of tyranny which are now in our face ...

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This is a pertinent, if impertinent to some folks, question. In the political arena you need to learn how to get things done, despite tremendous odds. Philosophers and pundits are always on the sidelines or in the space where analysis reigns but actions do not.

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This is not true. I live in Quebec our Universities run Health Education and Welfare. We are a secular humanist liberal democracy and about the wealthiest and healthiest people on the planet despite sharing a border with some of America's poorest counties in Maine New Hampshire Vermont and NY.

Our ethical philosophers sit at the pinnacle of our social pyramid. Here in Quebec Eastern Township the University of Sherbrooke is about as secular and humanist as the world ever gets. We get to select our species should we so desire. Gender, race, and religion are not identities but here you get to choose your own species and if you are me that is particularly affirming.

I am Homo one toke over the line sweet Jesus


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They did the best they could as we sing at Passover Dayenu.

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I know to Chris Hedges fans I may sound very much the cockeyed optimist but I am more optimistic now than when the the fascist Gipper entered the Oval Office. I was born in the middle of Quebec's most corrupt theocracy in 1948. Today Quebec is the freest most optimistic and healthiest secular humanist liberal democracy in the galaxy. Don't let the Mafia turf battle deflect from the reality of our generational need for new immigrants. Bill 21 said we will have no religion in our politics.

Maybe you can get politics into your religion.

Firstly your Supreme Court Majority would be disqualified from serving in our traffic courts.

I remember Leonard Cohen singing Democracy is coming and that was only 30 years ago Armageddon was predicted 70 ,000 years ago long before Noah and the flood.

I may be autistic but no one ever said I was stupid.

Quebec is run by its ethical and moral philosophers and the only rule we have is no religion in our politics. Leonard Cohen is Quebec in 2023.In 1948 he was a God damned Jew.

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