Anyone who dares to breath a breath of support for Palestine - or dare to criticize Israel about ANYTHING- is dubbed antisemitic and facing censure across the board

It’s absurd

You’re telling the truth and it’s like talking to a wall

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Thank you Chris for highlighting the additional horrors that are about to be visited on the Palestinians. This post needs to be spread far and wide.

I have been saying for at least 30 years that Israel has become what they despised. The difference between how the Jews were treated in the 30's and 40's and what they are doing now is only a difference in degree, not in kind.

As a Jew who can trace my ancestors back to a Chief Rabbi of Vilnius, Poland in the 17th century, I believe the current and recent governments of Israel have/are violating everything Jews are supposed hold as holy.

I really don't have adequate words to describe the horror and disgust I feel about the Israeli government right now.

I suppose I would be called a self-hating Jew by the ultra-Zionists, but if that label is going to be applied to those who follow Hillel's dictum to never do to others what is abhorrent to you, I will wear that label proudly.

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Who are you trying to kid, Chris? Israel already is and has been a despotic theocracy. I have always said that Israel is a theocracy - no different from Iran. The funny thing is that they both worship the same Abrahamic god. However, in reality, this is what happens whenever you allow ideology to take over from practical governance. Sadly it is happening to the US. The government no longer solves problems, they apply ideology. If the application of ideology doesn't solve the problem, then you've misidentified the problem. Ask them they'll tell you.

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Jews who have a history of being oppressed are now the oppressors. These people do not really understand Jewish history, values and culture. They are not real Jews. As an American Jew, they do not represent me and my values. What they are doing is repulsive to me.

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What leg does the USA government have for giving and or selling ANY armaments, money or (im)moral support to Israel? How can we, the people, see to it that Israel gets zero from us? Isn't it time to spur human rights organizations to demonstrate, organize boycotts and economically divest from Israel just as they did (we did) with South Africa? Why should Israel be treated any differently than apartheid South Africa?

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P.S. Thankyou Chris for the sanity of your writing. I am 65 and have been peeling the onion of propaganda since 911. At that time I actually hung a USA flag to show support and sent money to the N.Y. Fire fighters. Then I went digging and was lucky enough to read Chomsky who step by step lifted my ignorance. When Dubya pointed his cannons at Iraq I ripped the flag down. Before that time I didn't realize how manipulated we the public were. All the pro war Hawks were lionized by the media and anyone against were censored or fired. Finding writers like you who speak truth to power has set me free!

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the MSM will simply NOT allow Israel to be "tarnished" no matter what they do. no matter!

Heck, MSM, don't even tarnish oil pipeline operators for leaking...so much back story is hidden away from the dumb Muricans.....kept dumb......so sensitive is the news coverage!

But smearing entire races, slut shaming women, is par for the course in the MSM hollywood reality.

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Thank you VERY much for this superb analysis.

Elon Musk should certainly receive a Nobel Peace Prize -- he just might have saved us all from the US bipartisan fascist War party !!

However, it will be interesting if the research and exposure of censorship at Twitter will extend into “unprovoked” Ukraine catastrophe or into 70 years of terror on Palestinians. On that, not at all sure about Bari Weiss who

-- supports apartheid, i.e., racism,

-- publishes her interview with “Bibi” Netanjahu in her newsletter while promoting it with Twitter files,

-- adores super-racist Nathan Sharansky ("Kill all Arabs") and

-- permanently eliminates/censors her paying readers if they mention human rights of Palestinians

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Israel is not our friend. One only needs to remember the attack on the USS Liberty and to research the inconsistencies of the official 911 story to know that. (And then there is the systematic sexual blackmail of American elites by Epstein and company.)

One of the great ironies of our time is that the state founded on the history of European racial persecution is itself today one of the most ruthlessly genocidal countries in the world.

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What pariah status? Any politician expresses anything other than blanket support for anything Israel did, does or chooses to do, and Israel runs screaming to its American bully.

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One cannot criticize Jewish and Israeli Zionism without first addressing Anglo Christian Zionism and the corporate fascist UN. An Israel of European Jews is nothing but a puppet colonial settler state of the US x UK Axis of Evil. Israeli leadership deserves scorn and condemnation, but follow the money and you will see who really runs Israel. Democrat or Republican, the beat goes on. BDS.

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I find it ironic that descendents of Jews persecuted, hunted and exterminated by the Nazis would espouse the same psychotic supremacist ideology in seeking to exterminate the Palestinians. The west, in particular the United States is largely to blame for this and should be responsible for reining in rabid Israeli nationalism

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The mask is off but no media in Canada allows the public to see! I get the Toronto Star they have comment sections to articles and 9 out of 10 are censured! Having access to Haaretz allows comments and most are printed. This tidbit of blatant hate in Haaretz was deemed unacceptable to the Star. From BBBC channel 4 interview with far write lawmaker Zvika Fogel "if it is one Israeli mother crying, or a thousand Palestinian mothers crying, then a thousand Palestinian mothers will cry" "Anyone who wants to harm me, I will harm him back. As far as I am concerned the concept of proportionality should cease to exist" The interviewer Secunder Kermani acused Fogel of racism and Fogel said "We are too merciful. Its time for us to stop being so"! AHHHHGGGG!!!!

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I wish I could listen to this on my computer..... I don't have a smart phone...

Carol K

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I noticed that you employed the term ‘VIOLENCE’ several times in your pleading against this unprecedented VIOLENCE.

While I fully sympathize with your goal and Demand for gun (and weapons) sanity, rather than this insane gun/weapons culture throughout our only small fragile world.

I wrote this comment to the NYT this mourning:

My following brief comment to the NYT expands on this critical effort for peaceful co-habitation of our ’only small, fragile, and endangered world’:

Paul [Krugman], there is a simple reason as to "Why America Is Getting Tough on Trade" — because "The Quiet American Empire” [apologies to Graham Greene] can't dominate our world, based only on superior propaganda, and deceit — but only on threatened or actual GUNS & Weapons of Violence.

Which is why I believe that my ad-hoc, focus-group tested, and double-sided demonstration signs — which I employ weekly in Portland Maine & Portsmouth NH. simply say:





and on the other side:



Socialism in


Since America continues its extreme arrogance of acting like this:

Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Criminal Ecocidal 'Children-Killing' & 'War-Starting' EMPIRE, controlled by the ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWI, <0.003%ers, TCCers, arrogantly self-appointed "Masters of the Universe", and "Evil (not-so) Geniuses" [Kurt Andersen] — which hides, or attempts to disguise this Empire behind their totally corrupted dual-party Vichy-facade of duopoly faux-democracy — in the same manner that the Bush/Chaney administration, and the Neo-Conservative focused PNAC, heralded as an unprecedented Global Unipolar Power.

But, IMHO, the fellow duopoly party of this Empire of Violence held an earlier goal of the same level of geopolitical and Imperialist deceit in the "Quiet coup d'tate" of 1944's OSS & DNC torpedoing of FDR's brilliant and socialist VP, Henry Wallace.

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If this were just between Arabs and Jews, I'd say "who cares?" And I'm 100% Jewish! This idiotic fight between two tribes that's been going on for thousands of years just because two brothers couldn't get along is stupid beyond words.

The problem here is that the U.S. and U.K. got involved, stealing Palestinian land and creating the Zionist state of Israel on it, mainly and originally for the purpose of having some control over the oil in the region. This has allowed Israel to act with impunity toward the Palestinians, and any sane and moral person can see how that's worked out. As usual, the West is the real problem here, though that's no excuse for Israel's behavior or actions.

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